The arrogant Space Pirate

Aug 4, 2018
Name:Luna Stadfield
Weight:66.1387 Ibs
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Blue
Appearance: 21.jpg
Something like this

Other Information:
Alias : The Blue Flash
Genetic type: Psychodriver
Occupation: Space Pirate
Hobbies: Listening to music
Likes : Eating, Traveling, Music
Dislikes : Water (She can't swim),Cats, Cowards

Biography: Luna has no idea who her parents are and where she was born. The only things she has from her past is a debt letter addressed probably to her father and a the mobile weapon "DMB-00 Brasta". Considering her memories only go back as far as to the point where she woke in the pilot seat of this machine in the middle of space 5 years ago she figured that this robot is probably the reason why her dad was in debt.

Now what she did with the robot was..No she didn't go on a journey to find the secrets of her past.. No she didn't become some sort of hero.. No, what she did was.. Become a Space Pirate. While she didn't do it intentionally at first but she made the decision to ignore her past and move forward and in order to move forward she had to survive. So the first thing she did was attack a nearby transport ship. While the ship was protected by other mobile weapons Luna managed to destroy them and steal most of the supplies on the ship for herself. She surprised herself at how well she could pilot a mobile weapon despite having little to no knowledge about them.

She continued this for 5 whole years, her targets going from small transport ships to large facilities. Because of her exploits she earned the title "The Blue Flash"

Mobile Weapon:
DMB-00 Brasta
Combat theme:

Combat Style: Improvisational
Her combat style revolves around her making use of the environment and the creative use of her mobile weapon's equipment and abilities. Making quick decisions on the fly during combat while also having 5 years of fighting experience in zero gravity makes her a monster during space battles. Her irregular piloting methods makes it almost impossible to predict what her next move, making it similar to fighting against a wild beast.

Weaknesses: She is extremely over confident and arrogant of her piloting skills and the Brasta that she underestimates her opponents. And its that over confidence makes her think she's invincible as long as she's piloting it, making her believe that the Brasta has more armor than it actually does. Which results in the Brasta taking more damage than it should during combat.