The Fighting Cavalier


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Jun 15, 2018
Name: Sir William Exeter
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 178lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Western European
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Other Information:

Occupation: Knight-Errant / Duelist
Likes: Haggis, Horses, Mythology Studies
Dislikes: Bureacracy, Skipping breakfast, Reality television

Biography: William Exeter seemed destined for a life of little consequence on Luna. He was raised, as many Lunarians customarily were, with a silver spoon in his mouth, and wanted for little as he grew - yet he was restless and compulsive, desiring a life of adventure and travel, absorbing himself in tales of heroes of old. Though it was considered below his standing, he took to practicing with mobile weapons and duelists, dreaming of one day traveling across the globe, doing battle with mighty warriors, winning fame and glory.

House Exeter was traditionally famed for its drafting and design skills, it's claim to fame in fashioning high-performance machines for other families that were works of both art and war - but when their prized Arksaber Series were badly bested in a contest of arms by the prototype Orgone Extractor type Raftclans, Exeter subsequently fell into disfavor, and a state of disrepair. The House's patriarch, under financial strain, abandoned his station and fled to Earth with a mistress, never to be seen again.

With no other wishing to claim leadership of a name that seemed both precarious and mired in scandal, William consequently took up the mantle of leadership, seeking to reverse its fortunes at the young age of 21. To do so, he contacted the Dimensional Energy Institute on Earth. Originally founded by Lunar immigrants, the Institute had been long scorned by Lunarians as traitors and profiteers - yet he found them welcoming as he sought their aid in finding a way to combat the new designs. The ultimate product of this partnership was the D-Extractor, and its application to the existing Arksaber Series, as well as William's tireless challenges to other houses, managed to pull Exeter back from the brink.

At least... For the time being. Only time can tell whether the young knight errant's ambitions will lead to a new golden age of prominence for his House... Or if his newfound associations will be a millstone about his neck.

Mobile Weapon: ASMW-04 Sapphiard

Affiliation: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory

Combat Style: Cavalier
Strengths: William lives for the heroics of the moment - charging into the thick of the fight where the battle is fiercest, where he shines. His ability to close in and home in on a target is second to none - numbers are of little concern to him, and he prefers powerful, mobile units able to hit and run. His leadership abilities are still a work in progress, but he exudes an aura of charisma that inspires those around him, making him an excellent field commander.
Weaknesses: Subtlety is not William's strong point. He yearns for the romance of combat, the drama. and as such he may neglect an approach that isn't head on. In fact, if he ran afoul of something he couldn't actually smash to pieces, he might not even know what to do. His sense of honor and obligation to his comrades as well, can be an albatross that allows other, more pragmatic opponents to find ways to take advantage of his duelist-like combat style.


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Jun 15, 2018
Model Number: ASMW-04D
Code Name: Sapphiard
Manufacturer: Lunar Kingdom of Everglory, Exeter House Design Works
Operator: Exeter
Power Source: D-Extractor, Battleship Plasma Generator Backup
Armor Material: D-Extractor Enhanced Alloys
Height: 58.00 meters
Weight: 647.4 tons
Propulsion: Dimensional Energy Thrusters
Armament: 2x Twin Glitter Blade, mounted in sheaths on hip armor, hand carried in use; W-Horn x2, each mounts Dimensional Energy Cannon/Blade, hand carried in use, can be combined into throwing lance; Super-Heavy Maces "Romulus" and "Remus" x 2, mounted to dedicated hardpoints on machine exterior, hand-carried in use.
Equipment: D-Extractor
Finishing Moves: Raging Mace Smash, W-Horn Zanber



An Arksaber-Series Special Mobile Weapon created by House Exeter of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory, notable for its massive size and power. It, as well as the rest of the Arksaber types, were originally designed for the protection of the Lunar Colonies, and were also considered ceremonial in nature due to their ornate designs. The chief one among them, the Diamd, however - was badly damaged when House Exeter challenged the development of the Raftclans, being defeated in single combat.

Since then the Arksaber series fell out of favor, as the Lunar Kingdoms decided to focus on the development of Orgone weaponry. Seeking to remedy the situation, the heads of Exeter enlisted the help of their far-flung relatives on Earth associated with the Dimensional Energy Institute, and developed the D-Extractor. This unique reactor was able to harness dimensional energy, dramatically increasing the performance of the equipped machine, and it soon became standard feature on all Arksaber Series mobile weapons, replacing their dated plasma generators. A facility built for the express purpose of harvesting this energy and resupplying these machines, called a ZONE, is currently under construction on Luna.

Sapphiarde is of the same line as the ASMW-03D Emeraldan, but unlike the former, it has received the benefit of the D-Extractor upgrade, with such improvements as regenerating armor and powerful Dimensional Energy Thrusters that give it tremendous rushing speed. Rather than a pair of axes, it mounts a pair of massive maces, named Romulus and Remus, that are used for brutally pulverizing anything that dares to step into its path into a pancake. For ranged combat, it equips a pair of pointed katar-like multi-purpose W-Horns, serving as long range beam cannons, beam swords, and a deadly double-edged spear that can be thrown with incredible force.

Satisfied with its upgrades, House Exeter now waits patiently for the opportunity to demonstrate the renewed Arksaber series superiority over the Orgone-types, with the intent of reclaiming their lost honor.