The Fist That Echoes Across Dimensions (Biggs)


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Jun 15, 2018
"Now everyone...

What you're about to read is a epic clash between two of the mightiest fighters in existence - a blockbuster brawl so fierce, so extravagant, that it could only be found in these pages.

In one corner stands the King of Hearts - Champion of champions, man among men, noble-hearted leader of the Shuffle Alliance. His weapon of choice... The almighty God Master Gundam, peerless Mobile Fighter of true paragons.

And in the other...

The mysterious and deadly Wild Card, a proud outcast fighting for freedom against the tyrannical Black Jack. Her Mobile Fighter is the equally enigmatic Denial Gundam, a black mirror of obfuscation that appears before the King to challenge him for dominance.

What will happen when these two fists collide, in this ultimate dream match? Who will be left standing, and who will fall? There's only one way to find out!


Let's get things started! Gundam Fight all set!

Ready, GO!"
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