The Living Weapon

Aug 4, 2018
Name: Onryo Ishimura
Eye Color:Blue
Hair Color:Black
Appearance: 781501a0091fac8d04a7a769f2dab3f0.jpg Something like this
Other Information:

Genetic type: Boosted Child
Occupation: Student
Likes : Video games, Sleeping, Staying indoors, Pancakes, Sweets
Dislikes : Social interactions , His parents, Sour food, Black Coffee

"Everything that you know is false."

No-one deserves to hear these words - especially when they are true - but such was the case for a young man, whose otherwise unremarkable life was shattered in an instant.

It is known (to the tabloids, at least), that the Directory has engaged in multiple "super soldier programs" under the umbrella of "Project Zarathustra", making use of seemingly every trick and nuance in the book in an attempt to push the boundaries of the human mind, body, and soul. To compliment these, systems were developed with super-soldiers in mind, ones otherwise unusable by ordinary pilots.

One such system was the Armored Module Network System. A force multiplier, the AMN System linked a pilot mentally to a series of similar mobile weapons, allowing them to command an entire squad of machines simultaneously. While impressive on paper, its inventor, Doctor Kaizo Ishimura, a key figure in Project Zarathustra, was unsatisfied with the results of his colleagues, feeling none of them would be able to handle the AMN System to his satisfaction. He took issue with the quick-growth progress used for artificial humans, and their limited autonomy, regarding such things as mere dolls that were incapable of surpassing their creators because of their stilted origins.

Instead, he and his wife Himari Ishimura opted for an unusual approach: raising the ideal subject as their own child, a carefully altered zygote specifically manufactured to make the best use out of the AMN System.

This young man came to be known as Onryo Ishimura, and for 18 scant years, he was none the wiser as to his origins. An otherwise ordinary high school student, albeit one with exceptional test scores, he cruised through life in an unremarkable fashion, unaware of the fact that his every motion was being analyzed. He was athletic, academic, and moderately well liked despite his relative introversion, and his skill at Burning PT was the envy of every district, carrying him to several tournament wins.

Originally, the plan called for him to be inducted into the Directory military at 21 - but when the Sundering occurred, Dr. Ishimura was suddenly called to answer before the Directory's tribunal for Project Zarathustra. They had waited long enough, they decreed, and in the face of the monstrosities now descending upon the Earth, now was the time for him to demonstrate that his research was worth its investment... Or face the consequences. He could either spur the young man into action himself, or the Directory would repossess its "property" by force.

With no other choice, Dr. Ishimura opted to disclose Onryo's origin to him...

And from that day forward, his life was never the same.

Mobile Weapon: Mironga
Affiliation: The Directory

Combat Style: Gunslinger
Combat Theme:

Onryo's skill with weapons is exemplary. He possesses uncanny accuracy with firearms, which allows him to fire shots without needing to aim, or even make complicated trick shots that ricochet off multiple enemies. In fact he seems to have a innate finesse with all weapons he encounters, being seemingly able to master weapons without any former training thanks to his boosted abilities.
While Onryo can keep his cool when in ranged combat. But when it comes to close combat he tends to panic. While he can very well master melee weaponry with relative ease he just cannot keep calm when enemies are too close to him during combat while also lacking proper live combat experience making him no different than a new recruit in a war zone.