The Sand Monster


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Sep 10, 2018
Full name: Ijman Ikzen

Age: 3.000
Gender: Unknown, preferably male.
Height: Varies, usually 1’96
Weight: Varies, usually 80kg
Eye Color: Varies, usually Green.
Hair Color: Varies, usually bald.
Ethnicity: Unknown


Biography: Long, long ago, there was a treasured civilization in a distant planet. That civilization contained some of the greatest minds there would ever be.
Together, they created an artificial intelligence in order to help them overcome any challenge. However, not everyone was happy about it, some believed it would take their jobs and others thought it was imperfect and hence, dangerous.
Ikzen, another fellow scientist was filled with jealousy of not being fit to participate into the project, further distancing himself from his coworkers.
Since he was young, he aspired to be the man to change everything, diving Deep into whatever opportunity arose in front of him. When he graduated as the 4th best of his promotion, he immediately started to apply into the best projects that planet could offer, but without any success. He could only land jobs on insignificant projects for him; monitoring plants, preserving endangered species, being part of a support team of engineers… Nothing enough for his ego, for his massive intelligence that was not recognized by anyone but him. All of it was but a seed of hatred in his heart, which could have potentially shutted him away from society.
Then, on a fateful day, the Artificial Intelligence unfortunately ran awry and noted the potential hatred on Ikzen’s heart, seeing in him a potential ally. With nanomachines, it invaded his hometown, searching for Ikzen and brutally modifying his DNA to be able to mold as sand, taking any form and shape he wanted. But altering the body was not enough, there was a need for a mental command that ensured the AI to have a loyal and obedient ally. By implanting a mental suggestion on his head, it was easier for Ikzen to help the AI in its fight.
In weeks, the planet was rallied with their combined efforts and the civilization was razed. He went along as a herald of destruction, preparing the planets for his master and committing several mischiefs on the way.
He now had enough power that he could do virtually anything from his point of view. But what’s the point of power if you can’t enjoy it? That was the question that led to a 180º change in his personality and locking away his past memories in secluded section of his mind.
After several mischiefs and raided planets, he made his way to Earth, seeing in it a potential source of valuable knowledge. He arrived during Ancient Egypt, when he was praised as a god, and started learning about other gods and entities that could suppose a potential threat to their plans.
During that time, he stumbled upon a powerful man, one that could stand a chance against him even though he only traveled in a giant throne. But of course, that man didn’t even need his seat, his fists were enough to make him disperse in order to not die, that man was no other than Vynatea. The sole sight of him made Ikzen lose his composure, and that lead to a failed attempt from Vynatea to kill him with the energy of the dimensions. He was careless, and was horribly scarred, but not dead.
In a final attempt, Vynatea sealed him inside of a coffin, where he would sleep for centuries.
And now, a disturbance in the dimensions weakened the seal and Ikzen was freed. With centuries worth of hatred and resentment, he has risen once again.

Mobile Weapon: Debudedabide (himself, one of his alias)


Affiliation: Dark Brain

Combat Style: Overwhelming power, shooting parts of his body, use of magic and use of various sand constructions in order to attack the enemy.

Strengths: Great intellect, creative and varied technology
Weaknesses: Low temper, infantile, sometimes a fool.