The Space-fairing Man


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Jun 18, 2018
Name: Farron Longinius
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eye Color: Amber
Ethnicity: Mixed

Other Information:
-Born in space
-Has no national Identity, no database records of him

Likes: Dance, Women, Own pace
Dislikes: Liars, Being Drunk, Pushy people
Character Theme:

Born into the Longinius Family 36 years ago on transit to Mars, Farron is a unique case of not being registered into any database. Because of this, he is possibly the free-ist person in existence. Except for with his family. He was raised on the Valstork, spending most of his childhood and early teen years on the ship. He then spent the latter years on Mars, attending a school at a directory colony, complete with fake ID and everything. He was popular at the school, becoming the envy of many men and the target of women’s desires.

For several Centuries, the Longinius Family has been well known traders, first being liaisons for the Americans trading with the Japanese at the beginning of the Meiji-era. Their wealth spread and grew for hundreds of years, and their family grew as well, with the creation of branch families who served the Longinius family.

The Longinius group had been on Mars partaking in trading for a prolonged period of time, setting up negotiations between Earth and the Mars Colony, giving reason to put Farron in a school. There, he met Eris, the girl who became the target of his desires. She was by no means the hottest rod in the garage, but she had a charm to her that all-in-all seduced him. It wasn’t long after that she became his girl, and no one in school knew the better.

When Farron graduated high school, he met again with his parents who started teaching him more about the trading business, and the Longinius group. As he was the heir to the Longinius group, he would one day command the Valstork, and Valhawk.

While in the midst of a trade negotiation, things turned sour and Farron’s parents were killed, and the merchandise that was being traded was taken. Farron never knew what the cargo was, but he had every reason to be angry, both from a personal perspective and business perspective. He did some snooping around the negotiation location, as well as talking to some of the other senior group members, and came to a conclusion that these people were returning to earth. Having become the head of the Longinius Group, he set a course for earth, vowing to take revenge for the death of his parents and reobtain the stolen cargo.

Battle Style: Flamenco
Strengths: He has confidence in his piloting skills, but knows when a fight isn't winnable. He pilots his mech as if one would perform a spanish dance, quickly switching from a rapid offense to a more calm, passive position, observing his enemy and waiting for a chance to strike. One who sees his piloting may think he is trying to dance rather than fight, his performance seemingly playful, but should the enemy let their guard down, it would be the last.

Weaknesses: His playful combat style may be seen through by more experienced pilots, or those unable to see elegance in his movements. Because he performs a dance, his moves may become predictable, and should the enemy break his groove, he will have trouble regaining balance.

Mobile Weapon: Valhawk
Personal Warship: Valstork
Affiliation: Longinius Group (Independent)

Model Number: LF-01
Code Name: Valhawk
Classification: Transformable Mobile Weapon
Power Source: Proton Drive
Propulsion: Plasma Jet Thrusters
Height: 32.8 m
Weight: 61.4 t
-Laser Vulcan
-Beam Shot Launcher
-Ray Blade x2
-Plasma Execution
-Heat Edge x2

Built by the Longinius Family several years ago to complement the Valstork, the Valhawk serves as the main mobile weapon of Longinius’ space-fairing trade. It features a “Air Force” mode where it transforms into a more fighter jet configuration to maximize mobility on the battlefield, both in space and within the atmosphere. It’s armaments are fairly standard, though Valhawk has the capability to combine with Valstork by performing “Pattern Cross,” becoming Valguard. It is capable of being piloted by two people, but one can pilot it too.
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