The Strange Case of High Scholar Kalas and EATER 0


Nov 14, 2018
Name: Romme Kalas
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: White
Ethnicity: Lunarian
Other: Romme can morph his body at will, and is able to develop just about anything given enough time: larger, more powerful muscles, inhuman tentacles and spikes, and even toughened skin. Romme keeps many of these augments hidden away on his person at any given time.

Biography: The Kalases are a fairly prominent noble family on the moon. Descendants of one of the members aboard the Hiryu's maiden voyage, the Kalas house and the pursuit of knowledge go hand in hand, and few are more invested in this pursuit than Romme.

While Romme's primary field of expertise is in biology, he is well versed in a variety of other fields and has been awarded the title of High Scholar by the crown for his numerous contributions to science. However, despite Romme and the rest of the family's reputation, their standing among the other noble houses had steadily been on the decline in recent years due to their refusal of the various Lunarian vital monitoring systems. Everyone knows that the royal authorities observe these systems, and if you refuse to have the systems then you must be hiding something.

The reason the family abstains from receiving the systems is simple: anyone in the family who receives the systems dies mysteriously shortly after. However, one of the developers of the systems is a friend of the house and secretly inserted a code that passes over the discrepancy inside the bodies of the Kalases. Unknown to everyone involved, this singular incongruity was a simple set of cells that hold unspeakable power: the Vol cells.

Mobile Weapon: Volfeed

Affiliation: Everglory

Combat Style: Adaptive
Strengths: Greatly enhanced abilities compared to average humans.
Weaknesses: Considerably less powerful when not transformed into Volfeed. Often toys with his opponent to gather more data, taking substantially more time than necessary.

~ ~ ~
Model Number: EATER-0-V
Code Name: Volfeed
Manufacturer: Unknown
Operator: Romme Kalas
Power Source: Vol Augmented Heart Reactor
Armor Material: Vol Textured Carapace
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Propulsion: Astral Pressure Organs
Armament: Adaptive Biomass, Astral Energy Manipulator Organ
Equipment: N/A
Finishing Moves: Vol Astral Collider


History: When Vol cells enter an organism, they slowly replace every single cell in their host's body. This process can take well over the average human life span (humans being the most compatible organism for the cells), and thus their effect is quite rare to manifest. After all of an organism's cells have been supplanted by Vol cells, the creature almost immediately undergoes a horrific transformation: their body quickly shapes itself into a terrifying organic weapon where every bone, every muscle, every bit of flesh is augmented and empowered.

The cells propagating through the Kalas house successfuly manifested for the first time within Romme, changing his body to what he eventually designated as the EATER, Volfeed. Romme, only briefly stunned at this strange evolution, quickly set about studying himself and mastering the use of this strange new body.

Volfeed seemed to shape itself based upon Romme's subconsious, wherein lay his ravenous hunger for knowledge. The EATER has the ability to harness a mysterious energy Romme can only describe as "Astral Power". Through Volfeed's eyes, Romme can see into the dimension harboring this energy, among other indescribable cosmic features. Peering into this whole new world takes up a majority of Romme's time some days.
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