Threat Analysis: Dark Brain


Staff member
Jun 15, 2018


When the collapse of the Ur-Human order began in earnest, the manifestation of the Crawling Dark was met with garbled reports from the front lines of bizarre entities that accompanied, or precluded its onset.

A staggering variety of monsters and machines that could traverse the bleak tide unharmed, and worked tirelessly to undermine the defensive measures put in place by what worlds remained.

No mindless Lamalice, these invaders and saboteurs formed small, highly coordinated cells that struck far and wide, leaving devastation in their wake. Many branches of our own organization were razed by their hands, and countless irreplaceable records were lost forever - along with the universes they once inhabited.

Behind these heinous acts is the malevolent entity known as Dark Brain.

A scheming, eternally calculating consciousness that resides in the deep, unexplored abyss between worlds, it will stop at nothing to impose its ideal of a “world of darkness” upon all of existence.

The forms both it and its servants take are constantly changing and evolving, and as such this provisional document shall be periodically revised to summarize the latest threat.

Be forewarned: Dark Brain and those that follow it are no strangers to subversion. Exercise appropriate information controls when circulating related intelligence, and always assume the foe has advance knowledge of whatever countermeasures are currently in use, regardless of how new or effective they are.