Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright (Sess)


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Jun 15, 2018
February 11th, OE 102
8:00 PM DST

L4 Shoal Zone


Some places, not even the Space Pirates would tread.

The outskirts of L4 had been subject to numerous cleanup efforts over the course of the years, but never had they been full-throated. The looming half-cylinder of a semi-completed Colony prototype had lingered there for years, bogged down in administrative limbo, as every governing body pointed its fingers at another, trying to get someone else to do the hard work of getting rid of it. Some said that it was cursed- "The Curse of Charybdis", the "Vanishing Trooper's Ghost" that lingered over it, despite the two being separated by hundreds of thousands of miles of space.

These rumors were easily dismissed, and as a consequence it had remained, an immense form wreathed in dust that tumbled through the vacuum at the fringes of the L4 group.

But, after the Lamalice incident, the rumors had taken a new tone.

A "Demon" had taken up residence there, some said.

A horrible beast with sharp claws and long teeth, whose bellowing could be heard in its abandoned halls with such force that they shook the battered structure to its core. Even the regular pirates had fled it in terror, often bearing wounds that couldn't be explained by regular causes, almost as if their ships had been bitten and slashed apart.

Yes, when a problem becomes bad enough, people won't care who comes along to solve it-

"Wow. What a dump."

The Shurouga's pilot gave a low, unimpressed whistle to his partner as they approached the derelict, the dark machine unceremoniously elbowing its way past a floating corpse. Ze'ev was semi-reclined in his seat, mostly allowing the auto pilot to handle things as he focused. He let the power of the Sphere flow through him, letting the visions of the future come, flickering across his mind's eye as destiny unfolded, like a black and white film.

The fish woman. She was "supposed" to be here as well, though for reasons he couldn't fathom just yet. That was the trick about seeing the future. Not all the pages were filled in, as it were - and there was always more room for error than it seemed.

He opened his eyes, and straightened, stretching as he continued:

"I'm sure this is the right place, though."

The controls were cool under his grip... and he couldn't help but smile.

"The Sphere is here." He said, quietly.

"There's no doubt about it."