Vasco, Freedom Fighter

May 17, 2019
Character Sign Up Sheet:

Name: Vasco Bonifacio
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 5’8
Weight: 143 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Chestnut
Ethnicity: Independent - Southeast Asian (Philippines)
Appearance: __ookurikara_touken_ranbu_drawn_by_byakuya0315__bbea0113a2d26351d81f1e96fbc685c0.png
Other Information: Frequently toys with his hands, or something within them. The amount of movement in his hands can usually signal how nervous he is at any given moment.


Burden has always been key to Vasco’s life. Born in Southeast Asia, a place on earth that had seen much clashing between Terra Sentinel and Directory forces, He grew up in an area torn up by the constant fights, or in areas where the threat of being forced out by foreign forces was rather high. Needless to say, the young Vasco grew up resentful of this treatment. It was only by the virtue of his parents that he grew up to be the man he grew into today. They were leaders of their community no matter where they went, his mother especially having a way with words that he learned to appreciate. His father was more friendly, and while he wasn't so good at making decisions, often contributed to morale, which Vasco latched on to as well.

And so, despite his fear and loathing of the constant fighting, he lived happily. Moving places and changing spaces began to feel more natural for him, and he quickly grew to be a rather well-liked member of several communities. Life went on...that is, until a skirmish ensued between Terra Sentinel and The Directory.

Both sides seemed intent on keeping Mobile Weapons from the other side, the lives in the middle be damned. Two lives in particular.

Separated from his parents, Vasco angrily joined the fight, and managed to sneak the Mobile Weapon for himself. It was a high speed variant of an existing Mobile Weapon. In this Mobile Weapon, Vasco, Freedom Fighter, was born. Showing surprising talent in piloting, he managed to distract and evade Terra Sentinel and Directory forces long enough for those caught in-between to escape.

Now, where once he traveled from place to place evading military engagements, he now flies to them with his MW, helping protect and evacuate those caught in-between, even going so far as to fight off enemy mobile weapons himself. While he tells himself that the smiles and faces of those he protects are reason enough for him to continue, sometimes he fears that someday, he must join the fight to earn his people their true freedom.

Mobile Weapon: Wild Wyvern

Affiliation: Independent

Combat Style: Skirmish
Strengths: A fast, hit and fade fighting style belies a man who thoroughly plots out his actions, fearful of the consequences should he fail. Excelling in both close and midrange combat, Vasco favors and revels in striking first, striking fast, and fading away, constantly changing distance in order to keep foes on their toes. With a great amount of experience in short-term operations, he can even call upon past experience in order to improvise, in a way. Lastly, he is stealthy and observant, often noting things without getting noticed himself.

Weaknesses: While dealing with the familiar can be easy, Vasco often defaults to evasion and escape when things start getting outside of his comfort zone, as he doesn't take hits too well. He isn't too comfortable engaging without information either, and will often hesitate or default to evasion should he not have much knowledge on what he's facing, spelling misfortune. Vasco also does not perform well in long-term operations, much of his energy often expended trying to accomplish his objectives quickly and smoothly.

Mobile Weapon:

Model Number: PT-RFx-10
Code Name: Wild Wyvern
Manufacturer: The Directory
Operator: Vasco Bonifacio
Power Source: Plasma Engines
Height: 19.5 m
Weight: 50 tons
Propulsion: Boost Drive, Tesla Drive
Armament: Plasma Claws; mounted to Forearms, 2x FragaRacks; Attached at shoulders, Plasma Blades; From Heels, Sword/Chakram, stored behind head.
Equipment: Boost Drive, High Speed Cruising Mode
Finishing Moves: Dragon Crossing - The Wyvern converts into its alternate mode, soaring through the sky. Using the blades on its wings, it slices the opponent, cutting it repeatedly. It then converts into robot mode above the opponent, raises its Fragaracks high, and finishes by cutting a cross into its opponent.

Fraga Racks: Modified Photon Rifles with plasma bayonets. Can be wielded like swords or tonfas. Two can be combined into the Glaive, a double ended spear.

Sword/Chakram: A sword with a flexible blade that can be turned into a throwable Chakram. Can be manipulated via a Wire.

Alternate High Speed Cruise Mode (AHSC): A transformation resembling the weapon's namesake. The machine's form shifts for greater aerial maneuverability and higher mobility overall, while increasing vulnerabilities in it's chassis.

Description: 10416211a2.jpg

AHSC: 10416211a7.jpg


A Highly Modified Huckebein Chassis designed to be used in reconnaissance and fast response in both ground and space operations. It is able to fight competently at midrange to melee combat, and is developed by the Terra Sentinel. The PT-RFx-10, dubbed the “Wild Wyvern” by its current operator, was also designed to transform into an alternate, high-speed cruising mode for fast response while increasing fuel efficiency. This mode can fight, but is somewhat more fragile as a result.

The Wyvern was en route to a separate facility when the contingent carrying it and other mobile weapons were found by a Directory Patrol. In the ensuing battle, it was stolen by it's current operator, Vasco Bonifacio, and remains with him to this day, where it has been reported interrupting operations in the Southeast Asian Region.
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