Vessel of Volkruss


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Jun 18, 2018
Name: Tiān Di
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lbs
Eye Color: Black, Gold
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Chinese
Other Information:
Pact-Sworn with Volkruss
Member of the Cult of Volkruss
Likes: Chinese Food, Architecture, Sleep
Dislikes: Cocky People, Long Traveling
Character Theme:

Six Generations ago, Tian's ancestors made a pact with the Demon God Volkruss, gaining money and influecnce within the Directory. The price of this was their 8th born child be selected as a vessel for Volkruss, whom would be sacrificed to reincarnate Volkruss into the world. This prophecy was known throughout the Cult of Volkruss, and many anticipated the day it would come. The day of Tian's birth was a celebration among the cult, though Tian's Parents were less happy of this event. They resisted handing over Tian to the cult, though within a few years, they crumbled due to the pressure of the cult.

From then on, Tian Di was raised under the close supervision of the cult superiors, being taught the ways of Volkruss as well as piloting. Being a Vessel for Volkruss, Tian Di was the perfect candidate to pilot the Granzon, a new Mobile Weapon capable of harnessing the power from Volkruss. Her bloodline gave her heightened aptitude for piloting, and soon became an ace of the cult. Throughout this whole time, Tian Di was treated as a celebrity amongst the cult, and was used as a symbol of Volkruss, being the person closest to Volkruss. She gave off an Aura of destruction, that many people worshiped when she was near.

Tian Di was very close to an ideal member of the cult, though perhaps not the most zealous believer of Volkruss. She certainly didn't not believe in Volkruss, but every passing day felt more surreal than the previous, though she did have some recognition of a time limit.

Affiliation: Cult of Volkruss

Combat Style: Annihilation

Strengths: Tian Di is fully capable of harnessing and using the capabilities of Granzon, creating a very omni-directional combat style. The sheer destructive capabilities of Granzon give Tian Di a sense of security, which allows her to relax when fighting.

Weaknesses: Her sense of security does leave openings in her defense however, and her lack of actual combat experience, puts her at a disadvantage towards those more experienced.

Mobile Weapon:
Model Number: DCAM-00
Code Name: Granzon
Classification: Prototype Super Robot
Power Source: Antimatter Annihilation Engine
Propulsion: Plasma Jet thrusters
Height: 27.3 Meters
Weight: 42.8 Tons
Gran Beam, mounted in head
Granworm Sword, stored in miniature pocket dimension
Special Attacks:
Graviton Cannon
Worm Smasher
Distortion Break
Black Hole Cluster

An all-powerful machine built by the Cult of Volkruss to serve as a catalyst for his revival. A costly weapon that took years of budgets and development, being used as a test-bed for EOT Designs.

Powered by an Antimatter Annihilation Engine, a perfectly efficient power supply, which gives it enough energy to use its various armaments that affect space-time manipulation. Built in on the unit, the Kabbalah System allows Granzon to tap into the power of Volkruss. The cult has also applied alchemy from La Gias to further enhance the power of Granzon. Granzon is capable of manipulating gravity as well as space and time, creating black holes and opening wormholes to different dimensions.