Vulyn and her Vulture

Nov 12, 2018
Name: Vulyn Moses

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10

Weight: 178

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Olive (?)

Ethnicity: German

Appearance: 1542360942071.jpeg

Other Information:

Enjoys Demolition Derbies, old timey movies, working on mecha, and testing out new suits.

Biography: Born to a family of seven on Earth, Vulyn was left to fend for herself quite often as everyone else seemed to go off. She would often explore local scrapyards, inspecting and dissecting old model cars and and computers and anything she could get her hands on. She eventually wound up working for a larger one, selling car parts and making a fairly comfortable living as it is, while still keeping up with her family back home.

Around 0095, she managed to purchase the salvage rights to an essentially ancient Wildraubtier, decrepit and wrecked, but not quite dead yet. Repairing the systems were quite extensive, becoming her favorite thing to do when she isn’t working. It takes several years before she can get it walking around, but not long before it became her favorite tool, using it in place of a crane, allowing for larger loads and shipments, allowing her to provide for even more upgrades as she saw fit.

After the Munich incident, the Directory came down hard on anyone that they could take military tech from, and salvage yards were no exception, with MPs arriving to take what they could. Vulyn found herself running away in the Wildraubtier, a witness to the more oppressive side of the Directory. Now, she’s off to find some kind of ally to try and sort out what comes next for her.

Mobile Weapon: Wildraubtier R

Affiliation: Currently Independent

Combat Style: Sporadic

Strengths: Having trained with planes previously, Vulyn is a bit of a show off and dare devil, buzzing her opponents and peppering then with smaller rounds before slamming a bomb right onto their heads. In PT form, she is still amateurish in her abilities, opting to lay down suppressive fire for her allies.

Weaknesses: Vulyn does not have much experience in proper combat, so besides running and gunning, her tactical planing is severely lacking. Facing any proper fighting force, she would be easily outnumbered and outsmarted.

Model Number: PTX-006R

Code Name: WildGeier

Manufacturer: Originally Mao Industries

Operator: Vulyn Moses

Power Source: Plasma Generator

Armor Material: Standard

Height: 17.9 Meters

Weight:55.1 Tons

Propulsion: Back Thrusters

Vulyn’s custom unit has had many of the blue sections redone in black, and the white in construction orange and yellow.

Armament: M90 Machine Gun stored on the back; Cold Steel Knife, stored along the hip in combat; FM AA Missiles, AG Missiles, Beam Cannon stored on the belly of the FM

Equipment: N/A

Finishing Moves: Scavenger Smash. The unit approaches their opponent at high speed in flight mode, until suddenly shifting back into PT mode where they then slam into the enemy and attempt to rip away any external weapons not in use before flying back.
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Nov 12, 2018
Name: File Data/ Fadita
Age: In excess of one hundred years
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3
Weight: 140 lbs
Ethnicity: Robot

Other Information: Organic Droid

Biography: File Data was activated on a satellite facility orbiting -REDACTED- to serve as an aid and assistant to the original Black Knight Luciferd. She was present when the Vol threat first emerged, fighting alongside the Melting Steel team, raiding facilities and hunting down the enemy.

She was created with the purpose of accompanying the wearer and studying it as they progressed. She grew attached to her companions, developing a fierce loyalty to Luciferd in their quest to restore their planet. She would take on the role of it’s guardian between defeats, forcing the Armor on whoever it would fit on.


And when she woke up, she found herself alone, distant murmurings in the distance on the ship. She quickly gathered all of the Melting Steel she could find, launching on a shuttle, and swiftly getting disabled and drifting in space.

Mobile Weapon: File Data

Affiliation: Zan-El

Combat Style: A one word description of their fighting style.
Strengths: Fadita is devoted to the sucess of Luciferd, having thoroughly learned how to maintain and repair the metal, having adapted it into her own form. She is capable of healing most wounds, and will do her best to serve.
Weaknesses:She is single minded in nature, obsessed with seeing her master’s will fulfilled, even if it’s not to her best interests. Fadita is not meant for front line combat, and a sloppy master will only slow her down.