WIP: The Ultra Detectives!

Nov 12, 2018
Name: Protector Indigo
Age: 32 (Claimed/Assumed to be older)
Gender: Yes
Height: 6’10
Weight: 204
Eye Color: Pale Yellow
Hair Color: Copper and Black
Ethnicity: Maori
Appearance: 1548059115812.png
Other Information: A more primitive android, they typically wear a mask and a scarf to cover up their more mechanical parts, claiming to have suffered horrible scaring and injuries in the past.

Biography: Twenty years ago, OE 092, on the outskirts of the Russian wilds, a Mysterious kaiju appeared, threatening several children who had been playing in the woods. Before it could kill them, the children were saved by what they claimed to be a giant figure, more human than any PT, grappling with the beast while they fled. When authorities arrived on the scene, clear signs of a battle had taken place littered the clearing where once stood a forest. For the next couple decades, rumors of skirmishes across the lunar colonies popped up occasionally, perpetuated by witnesses with partial stories, all seeming to have one figure in common: A giant figure that was called “Chojin Zest.”
OE 96. A single android was found by the young Lunarian merchant and self-proclaimed amateur detective, Millicent “Milli” Tremaine, stuck to the outer wall of the Side 4 colony. Recovering the android from there, Milli found herself briefly held hostage by the android upon reactivation. The android had no memories of how it had gotten there, why, or even when, but what they did remember their name and a mission. Indigo, and to defend life. While the curious Milli searched for parts to help repair the damaged android, the two had a dream, seemingly connected to something withing the device on Indigo’s chest. A dream of the spheres, and their power…
The two currently act as a business partners, purchasing supplies from Earth, with Milli being the brain and Indigo the muscle. They are still haunted by the dream occasionally, while Indigo harbours a secret from Milli that even she doesn’t completely understand…
Affiliation: The Lunar Empire of Everglory

Model Number: CZ-001
Code Name: Chojin Zest

Manufacturer: [UNKNOWN]
Operator: Protector Indigo
Power Source: The Sphere of the Standing Archer
Armor Material: Unknown, but has shown particular resistance to beam weaponry, and is fairly effective against projectiles.
Height: 17.43 meters or 38.86
Weight: (I dunno?)
Propulsion: [Unknown, Mach 3 Speed]
Beta Capsule: The device that allows Indigo to transform into Chojin. It is unknown if it’s actually required for transformation, or just a self-imposed trigger.
Color Timer: The Device found on both Indigo’s and Chojin’s chest, that serves as an indicator that
Finishing Moves:
Spectrum Beam: Chojin puts their arms in a plus (+) sign, with their right arm vertical and left one horizontal, and can fire a powerful beam from panels lining their right arm. This beam has the potential to tear through the entirety of a ship.
Combat Style: Wrestler
Strengths: The Chojin Zest is an incredible melee fighter, capable of performing martial arts unlike other mecha in their size class, and is fairly agile all around.
Weaknesses: Severely lacking in the long range, Zest also has a limited amount of power each transformation, meaning that they cannot maintain this for too long.
Name: Millicent “Milly” Tremaine
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 102
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Dark Green
Ethnicity: American
Other Information: Milly is a Psychodriver, although she has no ability or intention to use these abilities, because she views them as “cheating” in her given line of work.
Biography: Born to a middle class family of automaton overseers in the Lunar Colonies, Millicent Tremaine was an adventurous child, often getting into trouble by riding around automatons and proclaiming herself the “QUEEN OF THE ROOMBAS!” She has held a remarkable number of interests over the years, one in particular fueling her nature: Detective Shows. She became obsessed with them, studying and trying to become a Private Eye in her own accord.
However, she didn’t get too far, eventually taking a job as an intermediary merchant between the moon and Earth, being relatively okay at it. Having purchased a Tausendfuessler to set up as a mobile home away from home and basically her own clubhouse. It was in this ship that she ran into the shell of Protector Indigo, taking them in and repair and bonding with the old soul of an android.
Now, the two have decided to strike out together, who knows what’ll come next for these two?