Sword of the Heavens

Nov 12, 2018
Name: Leopoldina Logden
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3”
Weight: *Cough*
Eye Color: Bronze
Hair Color: Gray Green
Appearance: An image link works fine here too.
Other Information: Psychodriver
Biography: Leopoldina Logden was the first born child of a Ernest Logden, heir to an expansive private technological firm that served as a go between the Directory and the Colonies. She enjoyed life in the lap of luxury, living it up and having what could only be described as the ultimate childhood. With her parents fortune, she could do whatever she wanted, having burned through hundreds of hobbies before age ten. Around there, however, she found a fascination with swordplay, her parents hiring a retired Japanese Kendo instructor as her private tutor. He was admittedly hard on the girl, but she was enthusiastic about it, the family growing to appreciate him as “Grandpa Maruo”. She was a bit of a prodigy, practicing daily while the family wound up traveling. Country to country, colony to colony, it was common place for the girl at this point. However, during a private meeting on L4, the hotel where they were staying was bombed. Leopoldina was buried under the rubble, her parents lost as emergency crews searched for survivors. As she and Marou waited in the hospital for any news, the reports that came through were less than accurate. The attack was blamed on the Colonial Independence group that her father was sponsoring, which was blatantly false to her. The Directory soon seized her families property as part of their investigation, attempting to take her into their custody. She escaped to the Colonies with the help of her instructor, and soon found herself plotting revenge against the Directory and their Terra Sentinel, both sharing equal blame in her eyes.
She began to steal and siphon information and technology from the Earth Sphere through any means necessary to build an empire with which she could extract her revenge. (She certainly hasn’t gone slightly mad.) She may not have been much of a pilot, but upon acquiring the discarded Grungust Type 0, the Direct Motion Link has transformed her into a living weapon, determined to make Earth pay, one way or another.
Mobile Weapon: Grungust Type 0

Affiliation: Colonies
Combat Style: Shogun
Strengths: Leo is a skilled swordswoman, both when piloting and in person, fanatical in combat. She is a confident leader, and will do anything to make life more difficult for her enemies.
Weaknesses: She is obsessed, convinced that the Directory is absolutely monstrous, and sees herself as the knight to slay them.