2023 Ignition Secret Santa!


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Jun 15, 2018

Ouka-neesan edition!
It's Christmas time. That means it's time for the
annual SRW Ignition Secret Santa!

If you're interested, here's the rules and guidelines:

What are the limits? Gifts should range from $25 ~ $70 dollars total, not including shipping. Handmade cards, baked goods, or other gifts are a plus too!

Those interested, please fill out the form below and PM it to GEAR on discord, who will organize the program by putting it into a fancy spreadsheet. An online program/helper elf will be used for random draws, save those looking to send/receive internationally, who will be matched appropriately.


Gift Suggestions: Put down anything in particular you'd like (Ex. HG Barbatos, Tau Fire Warriors, PSN Cards, Posters of your waifu). Clothing sizes are useful as well. Please list any food allergies in case someone decides to send you some foods.
Notes: Any additional useful information regarding shipping or gift giving.
International OK?: Whether you want/can afford to ship gifts internationally. Some of our members are located all over the world, which can be a bit more expensive to ship to.

November 20th: Last day to register. Names will be provided at earliest on November 21st, at latest November 25th via discord message. After you've shipped your gift, let me know so I can check it off.

December 5th: Last day to ship gifts. If you haven't gotten it out by then, inform GEAR on discord so I can pass it along to the recipient.


Q: Have you done this before?
A: Yes! I run these fairly frequently for my friends, and they've always been a huge hit.

Q: What if I do not receive my gift?
A: Notify GEAR in discord, and I'll work with the issuer.

Q: What if I have to back out of the exchange?
A: Things happen - Notify GEAR in discord prior to the deadline, so I can make alternative arrangements.

Q: I'm not located in the US, can I register?
A: Yes - provide it in the notes section, and I'll work with potential givers to match you with someone willing.

Q: What if I don't want to buy for a certain person?
A: If, for whatever reason, you're not comfortable with your recipient, notify GEAR on Discord ASAP so I can make alternative arrangements before November 25th.

Q: Do the gifts have to be SRW related?
A: Not necessarily, but it is recommended to keep with a consistent theme.

Q: I filled out a form last year, do I have to submit one again?
A: Yes; in case your address or gift preferences have changed!