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  • GrimmShane
    The android would find herself in a...Mildly sticky situation, pinned down between the two Huckebeins' blades and given more than enough...
  • PixelatedShinobi
    "Well, uh... if you say the crazy fire thing is okay, you're the boss. I doubt I'll be too much help in these cramped tunnels, though...
  • GEAR
    Ouka-neesan edition! It's Christmas time. That means it's time for the annual SRW Ignition Secret Santa! If you're interested, here's...
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  • GEAR
    GEAR replied to the thread Dark Portents (Gear).
    Lao listened, with closed eyes. His eyes were turned inward, searchingly. Tian Di's words rang true. They sounded familiar, somehow. As...
  • GEAR
    Model Number: Sol Class Temporal Administration Matrix Type I Code Name: L’Isolano (“The Islander”) Manufacturer: Ur-Humans Operator...
  • GEAR
    GEAR replied to the thread Glittering Greed (Endymion/Jericho).
    "We're in a little over our heads here, Steelheart." Said Ze'ev tersely in response to James' inquiry. The impact of Aberon's blows...
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  • VeraC
    VeraC replied to the thread Dark Portents (Gear).
    "It's Gragios, huh?" Tian Di's voice bore the edge of doubt and anger as she scrutinized the man before her. There was a...
  • GEAR
    GEAR replied to the thread Dark Portents (Gear).
    "No." The reply was immediate, and curt. Lao tried to regain some of his composure, pinching the bridge of his nose. He looked like one...
  • MKR
    MKR replied to the thread Hopes of an Endless Frontier (Open).
    "Sir we've got unidentified machines appearing on all fronts!" A soldier alerted their superior as the Malta arrived to the battle in...
  • Hitura Rael
    Suddenly, Geminion was falling into a disorienting space. James muttered a curse under his breath and brought her to stillness within...
  • VeraC
    The Ox's cosmic magic surged with an unyielding might, drawing power from Zivon, and directing it into Aberon. It flooded his essence...
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  • GEAR
    GEAR replied to the thread Zest Seven (Endymion).
    Residual Recovery Complete. Deep Scan Braintape Retrieval Process: 80% Psy-Scarification Trauma Index: Within Acceptable Parameters ...
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  • MKR
    MKR replied to the thread Glittering Greed (Endymion/Jericho).
    Persistent in its approach the Dis would not be swatted away without reprise however the disappearance of James and the sudden...
  • GEAR
    GEAR replied to the thread Glittering Greed (Endymion/Jericho).
    As James ducked and weaved back, seemingly without any plan... For the second time that day, it seemed, an angel on black wings was...
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  • Tyran
    Tyran replied to the thread Zest Seven (Endymion).
    Kvinna regarded the destruction around and below her, inflicted by her, with grim satisfaction. The Imperial Valley was performing just...