Dimidietas Corbyn

Mar 23, 2021
Name: Dimidietas Corbyn
Aliasses: Dimidas, Black Wild Hunter, Agravain Corbyn
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10 feet (17.7cm)
Weight: 160 pounds (72.57kg)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: English
Appearance: See photo 1 and 2 below. 1 is his face, 2 is his pilot suit/armor. Usually when piloting, the eyes are changed to be a clear material instead.
Other Information: Dimidas is Dimidietas’ nickname and is how he prefers to be called due to the complications of pronouncing his full first name.

Dimidas is half-dragon, mainly meaning his DNA is mixed with that of reptilian species to create something similar to that of a dragon. His draconic traits include mainly scales on his neck, lower jaw, sides of the abdomen and the sides of his thighs. He also has horns in his hair, but they are too small to be easily noticed, they are more akin to horn stumps than anything. Due to him being half-dragon, he has a bit of a strong animal instinct, which entails somewhat of an enhanced sixth sense (though not on the level of Newtypes or the sort), as well as being more prone to act on some of his emotions, he does however manage to keep them in check through a cold demeanor throughout his day to day life. He also gains a small amount of superhuman strength from this, enough to lift a car partly off the ground on his own.

  • Grilled and spicy foods
  • Soaking in hot baths
  • Dedicated and hardworking people
  • People who think they are the best, when truly they aren’t
  • People not taking things seriously


Dimidas is from an alternate universe, one where humanity failed against the extra-terrestrial threat, despite being united to defeat such enemies in many ways. In said universe, he was the commander of a group known as Phantom Trigger, a group sworn to protect humanity by any means necessary. Usually they will act as space pirates, making the human race stronger through conflict, however during his time, they served as leaders against an alien onslaught that had returned after millennia.

Once he ended up in I’sola, he took on the name of Agravain for the time being, still unfamiliar with his surroundings. As he came to learn more about the world he found himself in, he decided to enlist into the military of the directory. Using his Wildschwein Mk-II, he hopes to bring about a united world where he can prevent the disaster that had occurred in his own world.

Mobile Weapon:

Model Number: PTX-005-IIR
Code Name: Wildschwein Mk-II “Ritter”
Manufacturer: Mao Industries (Alternate Universe)
Operator: Dimidas Corbyn
Power Source: Plasma Reactor
Armor Material: Titanium-Ceramic Composite
Height: 23.3m
Weight: 75 tons
Propulsion: Tesla Drive

Head Vulcans
Simple vulcan guns that rest in the head of the Wildschwein. They are meant to caused small amounts of damage to enemy mechs, destroy small projectiles, and to act as anti-personnel weaponry.

Beam Sabers
Simple weapons that can cut through many materials with a plasma blade. When not in use, they are kept in the shoulders.

Beam Rifle
A simple beam rifle that is powered directly by the reactor of the Wildschwein. It is on par with many classic beam rifles, but can fire a powerful charge shot on par with a low power buster rifle shot.

Rail Cannons
Despite the name suggesting a large Railgun style weapon, this instead refers to dual revolver style railguns used by the Wildschwein as backup weapons. When not in use, they reside in the side skirt armor, ready to be drawn at a moment’s notice.

A physical weapon with a beam blade. This weapon is meant to compliment the Wildschwein’s close quarters nature. If needed, the blade can split into two swords each with their own beam blades. Think of it like a beam bladed version of the Vanity Ripper.

Beam Ripper
The signature weapon of the Wildschwein. A forearm mounted disk that can emit a beam ring around said disk in order to cut opponents into pieces. It can also extend said beam into a large arm mounted beam saber. This weapon is capable to remote attacks when disconnected from the forearm, cutting enemies apart as an autonomous flying discus. In its remote attack mode, the Beam Ripper is capable for forming a field that shields the Wildschwein while also enhancing any projectiles that are fired by the Wildschwein and its allies. When attached to the arm, this can also act as a beam energy shield to protect from direct projectiles. It can also form a beam whip with the segments of the disk.

Frame Rifle (Optional)
A piece of optional equipment for the Wildschwein for providing heavy fire support. As Dimidas preferred the use of ranged weapons, this all in one heavy weapon was designed to be used by him. It is similar to the Frame Launchers used by the Heavy Gundam and the Pale Rider Cavalry in the Gundam UC timeline. It features a missile bay, a beam rifle, and a Gatling gun. Due to its cumbersome nature, it restricts the use of the right hand for other things, thus it is usually only used when the Wildschwein needs to be relegated to a support or defensive role.


Psuedo T-Link System
The T-Link System functions very similarly to many psychic related systems from the Gundam franchise. The system allows the pilot to telekinetically control and enhance objects around them by using their psychic energy. It is mainly meant as a system for Psychodrivers. It also has Psuedo capabilities, allowing people without psychic capabilities to still use the system to a limited capacity, usually only allowing them to make better use of remote weapons, and not allowing them to telekinetically move any random object. This system allows for the assistance in using different support weapons as well as summoning them for full on Psychodrivers.

Fafnir Converter
This system allows the Wildschwein to steal energy, either directly via physical contact or through melee strikes with physical blades or via unarmed combat. This system is good in long attrition fights as the Wildschwein will usually end up still having its reactor still full of energy.

Finishing Moves:

Full Metal Rampage
This maneuver is an all out attack, using all the weapons possessed by the Wildschwein Mk-II. It begins with the deployment of the Beam Ripper, which cuts the enemy apart before being shot repeatedly by the Rail Cannons. This is then followed up by the Beam Ripper opening up to surround the chest unit of the enemy or any part that can be easily wrapped around to restrain the enemy, this causes them to be stuck in place for the Wildschwein to use a combo involving the two split swords of the Zweihander. Afterwards, the swords are combined before being thrust straight through the enemy. The finished touch being a point blank charged shot from the beam rifle to finish the enemy off.

Description: Visually similar to the original Wildschwein, the only difference being the color scheme, which is now a very light grey, white, and a couple of black in some areas.

(Third photo for reference)


Despite the potential shown by the original Wildschwein, it failed to draw a crowd on its own before being developed into the Huckebein. In an alternate universe, Mao Industries made this an opportunity to improve upon the failed design, using parts from the Huckebein Mk-II to create a more true to form Mass Production Huckebein. The result was the Wildschwein Mk-II, featuring a lighter and more agile frame, as well as a stronger Plasma Reactor engine as a power source. Due to the history of this alternate universe, it was made to pair with the Huckebein Mk-IV that was developed at the time, utilizing a special system to draw upon the unlimited energy created by the Huckebein’s new special Blackhole Engine. During Dimidas’ time, it was nothing more than a relic from an old war, dug up and used by his subordinates in combating the foreign threat to humanity. He ended up trying to escape and warn the government about the threat using this mech as his personal Huckebein Mk-IV was out of commission, and soon he found himself in I’sola instead.

Affiliation: Independent

Combat Style: Aggressive
Strengths: Animal Instinct, ranged weapons, plans ahead
Weaknesses: Melee attacks, cannot adapt very easily


Vanishing Trooper from SRW OG (


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Jun 14, 2018
Very good for a first draft. A few changes I would recommend:

- While I appreciate the Gundam references to explain technology, I would strongly suggest omitting the term Crossbone vanguard, and changing up some of the terminology used to match OG.

-Tronium isn’t really doing anything for you here - it’s an ultra powerful, sparse, hard to control material, and for that matter doesn’t fit the “old, last survivor” backstory that’s going on. I would suggest changing it to a conventional plasma reactor (Schwein already has an above average one), lest finding more Tronium become more trouble than it’s worth.

-The Fafnir converter will be touch-only, as ranged energy absorption starts getting into the realm of Dimensional Power and the Sphere of the Covetous Ox.