Displaced in time and space.


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Apr 22, 2024
Name: Sole Veingaer
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 150 Ibs
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Steel blue
Ethnicity: American
Appearance: SOLE_PNG.png
Other Information: Sole isn't the smartest tool in the shed, but his passion is pure and wears his heart on his sleeve. He doesn't see the bigger picture often, and is easily fooled, but he genuinely wants to believe the causes he fights for are for the greater good. Overall, however, he isn't anybody special. Simply an unremarkable pilot that hadn't had the chance to prove himself yet, and represents the common man placed in the middle of an ever-evolving conflict.

Biography: As a former Terra Sentinel pilot, Sole was young and selected like many to board a personal trooper Gespenst in order to suppress the chaos in the colonies. While not being a necessarily bad pilot, Sole had to work harder than most to earn his spot in that faction, only to barely pass. Needless to say, he struggled the most in his first sortie, as he was among the first few casualties of the space battles that took place. His mobile weapon was left intact, and so was Sole himself, but he suffered a major head injury that left his knocked out not just for one battle; He lost one decade of his life comatose in a medical wing.

Time went on, and Sole was left for years in his bed. Without any friends or family, compounded by his social status as a low-level grunt soldier; Sole was quickly forgotten and his story was unknown as people came and by. His Gespenst was also kept around in a storage facility nearby, with it being relegated to taking up empty storage space and sometimes used for moving supplies. It was only recently that Sole woke up and quickly became overwhelm by not only the change of his own circumstances, but also the world around him in those ten years he lost.

Mobile Weapon: Mass-Production Gespenst Mk-II

Affiliation: Jericho Faction

Combat Style: Headstrong.
Strengths: Sole's a hot-blooded fighter, and thus is very hard to crack under tense situations. He likes to dive straight into the fray and take down as many as he can see while throwing caution to the wind. While he lacks strategy, he makes up for it with his brawns and constant source of determination to keep going despite all odds.
Weaknesses: Sole tends to think with his heart, but not with his head most of the time. It's easy to manipulate his emotions, both in day-to-day interactions as well as combat situations. His fighting style is much like a boar, charging head-first into battle and becoming overly predictable, which can be taken advantage of.
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