Important Announcement


Staff member
Aug 19, 2018
Hello everyone, your cruel overlord MK here.

As you are well aware the forum has been moving slowly for a while now. Such things happen as people go through various phases of life.
Still, some of you may wonder, why has Gear not posted in this or that thread? Surely by now he would have had time to!

Well yes but no, see of course life can keep people busy but so can other things.
You may be aware of Gear's repeated statements that he would put the mods in charge should something happen to him.
I am thereby glad to inform you that my assassination attempts have succeeded and I am now in charge of the Forums!

Courtesy of Gear moving closer I have finally been able to personally see to it that he can no longer bar my way to true dictatorial rulership of Ignition under the dominion of the Dutch.
I've had these aspirations ever since I joined, but they truly had to happen after the wrestling april fools event, I mean who would do that? Make a fake announcement on april 1st? It wasn't even a full on game!
This proved to me that the true future of Ignition was in my hands, and further cemented itself after the atrocity of Igniticoin (easiest rugpull ever made).

While our moderation team did get rich off of it, we needed to do better.
As such, the current state of things. Posts will be going at full pace again once I find Gear's passwords and sockpuppet his account to make Dark Brain wedgie himself for the entire world to see!
Any opposition to this plan will be met with an iron fist and a wooden windmill.

Yours truly,
Emperor of Ignition, MK