Let’s Splash Down! L’Isola Summer Retreat! (Open, Non-Canon)

Mar 23, 2021
On a sunny yet breezy day, should one request. For one week of summer, that their vacation be unforgettable, the great battleship, Grand Sail Funossa will come. Not just that however, but all your favorite Mobile Waterslides too!​

Combine and splash your way into L’Isola Gestalt Resort this season!

For a limited time only, experience the shifting water side attractions based on your favorite units. Recreate iconic moments with their versions more suited for the fun of the family! Discover the ever changing structure of Funossa, never experience the same thing twice!​

Book your tickets now for a limited time discount. We hope to see you there!

Hitura Rael

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Sep 29, 2018
Northeast Ohio
"You're going to sunburn."

"Pft. No I'm not." James waved his hand, dismissing the snarkcasm from Merida. He wore swim trunks, black and silver. No sun screen on his otter framed body. It took too long to apply and he didn't like the smell much. Mostly, he was just stubborn about it.

"You're going to burn." Adrian sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Quit worrying, I'll be fine. Honestly you two, nagging me like my mom."

"Your mom has common sense."
Merida shook her head at him.

James glanced to the diminutive woman, wearing a full body swim suit rather than one of the one piece or two pieces commonly seen worn by the other women. Adding to that, she wore sweats. And unlike everyone else, enjoying the beach and sun, she settled herself on a towel under a parasol. Her hair spilled across her back and shoulders with slight curls from constantly being braided. Despite her natural tanned complexion, she wore sunscreen on the exposed skin. A day on the beach... and she chose to sit on shore covered up and reading. "I'll be fine mom." Merida raised her eyes from her book to glare at him.

His chuckle quickly mutated into a yelp. Suddenly, strong arms locked around him and lifted his feet from the sand. He found himself pressed to Adrian's shoulder, carted like a sack of potatoes. "Oh shit-" He held his breath a split second before he sailed through the air and crashed down into the icy embrace of the water. He kicked from the sandy bottom to surface, coughing and sputtering. Despite holding his breath, water still found its way up his nose and down his throat.

Adrian stood, triumphant, on the shore. The twins looked nothing alike, polar opposites even, save their emerald green eyes and that same damn satisfied smirk mirrored on each face. Adrian even dressed in opposite to Merida. Where she was completely covered, hiding her body from the world, Adrian was openly near naked, save the green and black checkered square cut swim trunks, showing off every muscle and his mechanical arm without a care in the world. His skin favored the Irish side of his heritage, where Merida's favored the Middle Eastern and Native American side. His blonde hair was shorn short and spiked up with gel. He too was covered in sunscreen, and he definitely needed it.

"That was not nice!"

"But it was fun,"
Adrian grinned wide, then took a running start to cannonball into the water. James yelped and swam away as fast as he could, but did not make it out of the splash zone in time.

Merida rolled her eyes and settled back into her book, "Men."


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Aug 19, 2018
Lounging on a beach chair near the water baking in the sun was a woman. Long brown hair rolling off the back and down towards the floor as her eyes closed behind a pair of shades. A little ways away, sitting at the bar sipping at an elaborately chosen drink that pleased the tongue and would surely impact the mind if taken too swiftly was, likewise, a woman of similar appearance. Though closer inspection would show that it was in fact perfectly similar down to the most detailed blemishes of skin and more obviously choice of garments.

In fact, were one to look at any activity it was almost a coin toss on if a woman with that exact appearance clad in a black swimsuit was either participating or on her way towards it. It didn't matter what sort it was, slides, drinks, stand up comedy routines of questionable quality all were open game. Very intentionally so, standing on one of the ship's decks looking out over an as of yet uncharted section another of the woman cracked her knuckles.
Undoubtedly the same, yet imperceivably different.

"Alright girls, you know the plan." She spoke to the entourage of herself, each of which nodded. Determination writ all over their features and like a swarm of locusts were soon upon the attractions that lined these corridors. Vacations were rare in her, their, her line of work and she would make the most of this. And when she said the most, Remedy Otzer De Bougher meant the most. This one woman army of many women was putting to the test the promise of never experiencing the same thing twice. She turned as if hearing something even as the only sound was that of excited steps towards summer fun.

"Okay, Remedy," One turned her attention towards the speaker "Remedy," a pair of brown eyes focused in sharply "Remedy," arms were crossed in anticipation "and Remedy." Moving from the back of the group closer to the front she nodded.
"Remedy just discovered another hallway in section 3. Too many for one to handle, so you're support."

Immediately the squadron flocked to the rescue leaving the hallway a little less full but still packed with the same woman.
"Remedy-" she went on for a while, every time the group seemed to shrink but somehow they never seemed to run out. Of course, in her greatest hour of need Remedy could count on Remedy for support, that had never changed and never would. Getting a headcount of the woman also was made tough by how much they moved around, not aiding that endeavor.

After a solid five minutes of assigning herself the task of having fun the immense group coalesced on a massive pool. They had yet to try waterpolo so that was for them. One was assigned judge, teams were easily formed and the games were on.
On the shore the last Remedy wiped her brow, for the time being all tasks were assigned, closing her eyes for a moment as the uncountable experiences of summer fun flooded into her and then she opened a small map she had stowed in a backpack she was lugging around.

Her own task for this stay, something relatively simple she imaged.
A big kid's map showed the entire ship, fun icons and symbols pointing with but a simple task for the auspicious puzzle solver.
'Find the X'