An Earth-Shattering New Project!


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Jun 15, 2018
Greetings, IgNation!

With the unfortunate atomic annihilation of the Mecha Macho Man by ZeonDad's Flying Ultimate Dad Joke Clothesline from Hell less than forty eight minutes into its unveiling, Super Wrestling Wars SLAMnation has been placed on permanent hiatus. We wish both it, and the MMM, the best in their future endeavors.

But we shall not rest, not even for an instant, no matter how many armbars or suplexes or idol-related public relations nightmares may occur in our effort to bring you the ultimate roleplaying experience! Uncompromising means uncompromising, and as always, we intend to prove to you, our fans, our unswerving commitment to excellence! At least until such a time 9 can actually replace you.

Thanks to modern Dutch technology, back-of-the-cereal-box tier innovation and flagrant disregard for personal well being, it is my immense pleasure to present to you the latest, greatest, addition to our community's diverse array of projects:



Threshed together from the wreckages of spambots, and thanks to power Beyond Human Understanding (Tm), step back into the past to join your favorite characters under the wise, patient tutelage of Mysterious Headmaster Z in this charming, Visual Novel!

-Make friends, study, and experience a heart-warming original story!
-Find true love with branching story paths and an assortment of exceptional, unique characters such as: Remedy, Remedy, Remedy, and also Remedy (with a hat).
-Compete for glory in the sports teams, take home the Kendo Cup for the Fightin' Flatfish!
-All of the nostalgic fun of high school, with none of the wedgies or cafeteria food!

Download the demo here!

Yes, you may notice that it actually works. This is a real thing.

This is a completely unintended consequence, and rest assured, we intend to take the responsible party out back and pelt him with hagelslag boxes for not only showing us all up, but evidently not really understanding how this whole "prank" thing is supposed to work.

OHHHHH YEEEAA-Wait, can't do that one any more.

Oh well.

Until next time,

-Your SRWI Admin Team

Special thanks to MK for his hard work in putting together this truly amazing and creative project - You rock, man!