Devil's Moon (Open)

Dec 18, 2018
OE 102: January
Outer Edges of the Solar System

Amongst the petty conflicts of the Solar System, something was coming. A rocky object around the size of Earth's moon lazily began to crawl into the system, projected to pass into the orbit of Neptune in around a month. Images from satellites and telescopes revealed an ominous form reminiscent of a reptilian eye... And even worse, physical objects sent towards it lost contact almost immediately. The most they could show was some... Creatures. Rumors from non-Terran species revealed a name- The Mukus, and a world that traveled about, denying any and all attempts at colonization. From the looks of things, it had been affected by the ES Wave, but the fact that probes had been lost revealed that it still refused anything... Still, sight wasn't the first thing detected from this former world. Instead, an incredible source of energy had been detected from within. Power that seemed to be overflowing since time immemorial. Power that could prove to be useful... A few were beginning to repurpose old shuttles just for the trip... With the caveat that those planning to come had combat-ready machines to come along...