Dimensional Energy Institute (DEI)


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Jun 15, 2018
The Dimensional Energy Institute (DEI)
Government: None (Corporatist)
Capital: Corporate HQ at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Territories: Branches located in Alaska, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.
Population: Employs approximately 8000 employees worldwide.
Goals: Study of Dimensional Energy, Profit
Motto: Astra inclinant, sed non obligant (The stars incline us, they do not bind us)


The Dimensional Energy Institute was founded in OE 82 by long-time friends Bertram Kessler and Gordon Griswold as the Alternative Energy Institute to study and promote alternative power sources for a growing world. In its early years, the group gained fame and profit from its recovery of the first Dimensional Energy Crystals from the North Pole, which was until very recently believed to be among the very few sites where the precious resource could be found. Much of the early research was promoted by Griswold, while Kessler provided funding, and their projects included the miniaturization and study of EOT, such as the miniaturization of the powerful, yet dangerous Proton Reactor recovered from ruins on Mars.

The Institute changed forever in OE 99 when Dr. Griswold was killed in an accident during an experiment involving DEC conducted by his understudy Eliza Kruger, though his relations with the Institute had been strained for quite some time as it began to develop weaponry at the request of the Directory. Following this incident, AEI changed its name to DEI, and focused exclusively on Dimensional Power, though some vestigal projects still remain.

DEI has been criticized for its relentless commercialization and profiteering, as well as its close relationships with the government of the Directory, as well as the Lunar Kingdoms. Many Lunarians faced with exile relocate to Earth to work with the Institute, forming a community in exile that has been the source of rumors suggesting it serves as a go-between for the two powers when more delicate negotiations need to be carried out. The Institute manufactures Mobile Weapons for use by the Directory, as well as its own line of machines, though they have yet to find broad use on account of the complexity of their design.

Mass Production Machines:


Autonomous Mobile Weapons that serve a variety of purposes to the Institute, and are produced exclusively for their use. Powered by standard fusion cores these raven-like machines are officially for data-collection purposes, but their combat performance, especially when enhanced with shards of DEC, has proven to be more than adequate for engaging even military grade machines. The highly maneuverable Cornixes are equipped with beak-mounted lasers, plasma claws, and in the case of the more advanced models, scattering beam cannons mounted in their wingtips, allowing them to rain down impressive amounts of fire. Cornixes can be equipped for long-range cruising missions, allowing them to gather and report back information even in dangerous situations without risking the life of a human pilot.

Limited Production Machines and Prototypes:

Chaos Series

The Institute's custom-built mobile weapons, some of the first to utilize DEC in their design. The prototype Chaos Leo, Anguis, and Caper have been refined into limited mass-production models, equipped with AI, which guard key facilities.

Lemures Test Type

A lumbering behemoth of a mobile weapon, designed to push the power of DEC to the limit. It is the first of its kind to equip an Artificial Sphere, a device capable of emulating the performance of the 12 fragments of a fallen God, drawing out potentially limitless Dimensional Energy. The Test Type is cumbersome and unreliable, but capable of creating small-scale Dimensional Quakes on its own, as well as deploying intense firepower, making its continued development a subject of great interest to the Institute's higher ups.

Great Axion Class

The first in a series of experimental battleships, the Great Axion Class utilizes DEC cores as its primary source of power. Fitted with various laser batteries for point defense and a powerful DEC Cannon as its main armament, it is an all-rounder battleship capable of traveling to and performing equally in all locales. The prototype vessel is currently undergoing live testing at the request of management under Captain Dylan Couch, and it doubles as a mobile laboratory to allow for the deployment of prototype weapons. Several upgrades and variants to the vessel are already planned.

Other Assets:

DAMON Forces

Thanks to modern super-science, captive DAMON can be fitted with a form of "mind-control helmet" device to turn them into allies. DEI had been studying how to harness and control the creatures of the otherworld since their first appearance, and thus welcomed their sudden mass appearance into the world as an opportunity to deploy these devices, turning obstacles into opportunities. There remain some issues with implementation - notably the control unit interferes with the deployment of the D-Fault, rendering it unreliable, and if the helmet is damaged or otherwise disabled, the beast will revert to its default ravenous nature - many of these faults are corrected through the use of ADAMON, described below.


The product of bizarre experimentation with DAMON biology, Artificial DAMON are biomechanical entities spliced together or wholly vat-grown monstrosities produced by the Institute for use by the Directory military, though they have yet to find broad use because of their horrific nature. Ranging from hybrid beasts to lumbering artificial fortresses, ADAMON are billed as DEI's answer to next-generation warfare, and their ongoing development is increasingly important to the company's continued success.

Chimera Card

A top-secret device manufactured jointly by DEI and Luna, the Chimera Card is an extremely dangerous psychoactive artifact-stimulant that sharpens and exaggerates the personality of the wielder through controlled emission of altered, amplified Mu brainwaves. Its stated intent is to be able to induce an otherwise unattainable "Sphere Reaction" through extreme emotional outburst, and the individual card can be fine-tuned to result in different outcomes - that is, it allows for the creation of "Artificial Sphere Reactors" by twisting the psyche of the holder.

The exact nature of its construction is uncertain, with each item being kept in a solid lead container until use, and only a small group within the Institute are aware of its existence. It is believed to be an offshoot of the late Dr. Gordon Griswold's research into applying Dimensional Energy theory to psychiatry, and his protege Eliza Kruger has been a strong advocate for its continued study in spite of extreme side effects and instability.
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