Exuvia WIP: Newtypes are the best, everyone should be one!


Aug 19, 2018
Name: August Mertz
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 165 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Other Information: Cyber newtype
Occupation: Captain of White Knight Squadron
Combat Theme:

Newtypes, a most unusual change in humanity but one that proved very important in the fight against the machines. With this genetic difference being lorded as one of the most valuable tools of war available.

Yet some took this even farther, turning it into devotion, a new faith for a new era some call it and exactly that belief created the Raumerben. A cult surrounding this change in humans and praising it as the ‘next step for humanity’. They set up shop in Ganymede where they focussed on researching and utilizing newtypes to fend off the AIs during this the cult gained many followers in the area where they settled as they not only utilized their knowledge and Mobile suits to fend off any bots that attacked but also contributed in maintaining order on a day to day basis while the government had collapsed.

As the War against the AI came to a close it had been a good twenty years since the cult had been created and by this time its symbols and membership had spread to encompass the area, with no more need to focus most of their resources on defeating AI the direct combat side of the group was shrunk and instead shifted most of their attention to creating the world they had in mind, one where everyone was a newtype. For that purpose since then the group became mainly known for its advances in Cyber Newtype creation.

This led to the environment in which August grew up, one dominated by Newtypes and everything surrounding them, bringing many of his generation into their fold. At age sixteen he was officially brought into Raumerben as a member and as is normal even now the first thing to do was a test for any newtype abilities, weak as though they may be.

Sadly for August, while these came back negative but was not lost, although it is not a required procedure for Oldtype members the option remained to undergo Cyber newtype enhancements. Due to his desire to be a Newtype, be that next step of humanity, so badly the teenager accepted. The procedure, while successful at making him a fairly powerful Cyber Newtype, had its downsides as nearly all Cyber Newtype modifications do.

In August’s case this manifested in the form of a compulsive need for recognition and a lust for adrenaline, considering his state as a Cyber Newtype this has often come in less than a favorable way. After his joining and modifications the young man would begin his climb through the ranks of the Raumerben’s pilots. For this purpose his new flaws were a boon, as both would drive him above and beyond during encounters with the pockets of AI remaining around Ganymede and guide him into the ranks of the Raumerben’s elite unit, the White Knight squadron at age 20.

The White Knights had functioned as the primary guards during the AI war and as such were largely idealized and somewhat romanticized, likened to Charlemagne’s paladins due to their low membership but incredible efficiency let alone the moniker they held. But the generation that had fought valiantly during the war had grown old and desired to retire from the front line and as such a second generation of White Knights came to be, August among their number.

Once more his need for adrenaline and want for recognition pushed the man onwards and beyond his peers and with guidance from the old Captain on how to lead the Cyber Newtype rose to the seat of Captain himself. With the new generation prepared the old knights stepped down, their iconic white painted units passed onto the new knights and the new leader of this group would obtain the old leader’s personal unit, the Weiss Shinanju.

But all was not well, as the government began to reestablish itself in the area it realized that a religious group this heavily armed and influential would be trouble to any governing they wanted to do. Using their mass creation of Cyber newtypes after the war with the AI was concluded as evidence of malintent they branded the group violent Vultures as soon as the MS hunters were established. The five years since then have been turbulent, the Raumerben have been pushed back and people have gradually been turned against the cult. Due to this they have been effectively forced to adapt the mantle that they were brandished under, that of vultures, to obtain enough money and resources to survive.

Mobile Weapon: Weiss Sinanju

Affiliation: Raumerben ‘Vultures’

Combat Style: In your face
Strengths: Capable Cyber newtype in a powerful Psychoframe MS, extremely dangerous close combat ability
Weaknesses: Highly limited in range, often overextends in the heat of battle, mech relies purely on evading if the shield is inactive

Mobile Weapon Template:

Model Number: MSN-06S [W]
Code Name: Weiss Sinanju
Manufacturer: Forges of Io
Operator: August Mertz
Power Source: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor
Armor Material: Gundarium alloy
Height: 22.6m
Weight: 25.2t
Propulsion: Rocket Thrusters
Armament: 60mm Vulcan gun x2 (Head mounted), Mond Schwert (Vollmond form (Defensive sword with shield) & Halbmond form (Offensive twin swords))
Equipment: Pychoframe cockpit frame, External propellant tank x2, Shield (Only available for hand use in Vollmond form)


Based on the more well known red variant the Weiss Shinanju was commissioned from Io during the war against the AIs as a personal unit for the captain of the White Knight squadron, due to his specifications it was geared more towards melee combat opposed to the standard Shinanju. While this makes the unit more straight forward in battle the new equipment it got in return, the Mond Schwert, functions as a powerful offensive and defensive tool.
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