Field Test

Nov 14, 2018
August 5th
Mars, Terra Sabrea badlands
4:45 PM

"What a truly miserable rock this planet is,"

The tall, jagged figure of the High Scholar's new ride strode across the red earth in no particular direction besides generally away from the black pillar driven into the Hellas basin. As Romme walked he brought his left arm up and contemplated it, Vairose mimicking the motion. He sensed little activity from the relic embedded under his flesh. Whether something to do with the fragment's operation had broken or been disrupted, the Scholar had not yet discerned, but for the time being there was little he could do with the artifact; at the very least, there was no way he was taking the fast track back home to Luna at the moment.

Romme's eyes fell upon a rocky ridge rising from Mars' crust. He had passed numerous geological features such as this, but this time he was struck with an idea. Ambling his way over to the outcropping, the Romme motioned Vairose into a pose before the rock. Standing on one leg, the dark blue machine brought its other heel down into the ridge swiftly with a wicked axe kick. Now with a feel for the motion, Romme backed away before bringing the other leg around into the crushed portion of rock with a spinning back kick. As the dust settled, Romme observed the sizable cleft he had driven into the ridge. Nodding in satisfaction, the Scholar brought Vairose to kneel and dismounted the machine.

Scaling the broken red stone, Romme brought himself before the deepest portion of rock he had kicked open. He retrieved a set of vials from inside his tattered shirt, the specimens he gathered from the VOL enclosure squirming inside the glass at his touch. "I had hoped to return home and have more time and resources for testing my hypotheses, but I suppose a little field testing couldn't hurt." He smiled at the strange yet familiar creatures and made his way into the cleft, a purple flash of light bursting out of the darkness soon after.
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