First character draft dump

Dec 16, 2018
Here's my first character, Lanius Welter. If you have any advice or comments for a newcomer, feel free to reply to me. I'm still working on this, so feel free to suggest where I can add more or less detail.

Name: Lanius Welter

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: Lanius stands at a standard 5'3".

Weight: He weighs at 120 pounds.

Eye Color: His eyes are an unexpected silver, matching the landscape of the moon.

Hair Color: His hair is a muted brown that borders on being black.

Ethnicity: His skin colour is Caucasian, although his face may look almost middle-eastern in specific light.

Appearance: His build is usual for a person his age, and his skin remains mostly untouched.
He wears his hair to neck-length, which is long enough to be noticed while being short enough to not impede his movements.
His formal dress is a normal tuxedo in deep colours, which range from a spectrum of blues to a deep red in certain circumstances. His dull wear is almost always broken up with a lighter-coloured tie.

Other Information: Lanius is a textbook blueblood, although he doesn't think of himself like that. Due to this, he has exquisitely expensive tastes in almost everything such as tech and looks at himself as someone who can make a dent in high society.
He enjoys meats and fishfood like Barramundi fish and Lobster, but absolutely despises lower cost 'cheap' take-away foods that are soaked with oil such as crabsticks and calamari rings. He avoids fried and frozen food, as he finds it tastes worse than fresh food.
He irregularly buys high-end electronics to keep himself occupied, and plays some of the newest Mecha videogames to sharpen his skills.

Biography:Lanius was born in a rich part of Luna's human colonies, where he grew up surrounded by glory and similar family lineages that stretch through decades. His first few days in Kindergarten were spent learning about high-class studies which he didn't take completely to heart.

The Welter family based all of its wealth on a business that dealt in moon-based archeology, which he took a small interest in when he started to go to his local school at age 14. There, he made his first contact with people other than servants and barely made any friends. Instead, he made a name for himself as the 'dirt kid' and only found a good friend in the Archeology teacher.

A fateful field trip to one of the great cave systems on Luna gripped Lanius' mind, which only became more of a dream as it was also the first time he fitted himself inside a space suit. Inside the cave, a machine rested unactive.

Mobile Weapon: Granteed; Unmodified.

Affiliation: Lanius is a part of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory.

Combat Style: A one word description of their fighting style.

Strengths: What gives them a leg up over the competition?

Weaknesses: Where could they use some more work?