Grand Theft Battleship (Jericho)

Mar 23, 2021
Dimidas grit his teeth, continuing to fire his rifle at XN-L. He knew that he was likely not going to make it out, or at best who won’t leave without a few scars. So he prepared for the worst.

“I already have listened, but it is clear you will not listen to m-“


The sudden blast of energy cut him off as he saw the Barrelions annihilated. Great… now she was even more pissed than before. He readied himself for another potential assault, that was until XN-L threw away its blade in the face of the ship member’s announcement.

“So you mean to let us go for now?”

The Wildschwein would lower its rifle as to signal he was open to the parley. But it wasn’t over, she would be back. But they would be ready, after all, she will make more enemies than friends on this war torn Earth, someone or something would likely kill her before she could kill them. Either way, at the moment they were safe.

”Very well… but know that next time, things might be as they were when we last met. We will be ready for your inevitable return.”

At this point, he had expended too much energy arguing with this being. It was clear now that it had no will to change its mind at all on the current matter of things. It quite reminded him of another stubborn knight born of the same blood. But that was a thought for another time.


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Jun 15, 2018
"As if...! As if I'll work with something like...!"

Her world was spinning. Not even stepping away from the bridge made a difference. Tilde could feel cold sweat on her forehead, as for the second time now, outside forces intervened to get between her and her Lord. A more rational soul would have recognized the value in the golden giant's words - that a compromise could be reached, in the face of the more immediate threat.

But she, whose mind held firm to its convictions, refused to bend. No, perhaps it was that she couldn't. Even in the face of utter annihilation, she couldn't compromise. Part of her screamed out at it in lunatic defiance - and she could hear, perhaps sense, a distant rushing sensation. Tasted her own blood in her mouth, could hear the pounding of her heart in her ears. The floor, suddenly, rushed up at her-

Tilde Cortaine crumpled... but, in that moment, as the bridge crew set to work, few would have noticed.

Fewer still, that a moment later in that very same spot... There was nothing.

Except, perhaps, for XN-L, ancient in its wisdom and attuned to the ebb and flow of the world in ways that few mortal creatures could even begin to comprehend. A slight shift in the dimensional currents, no more subtle than the dropping of a pebble into a rushing stream...

And a familiar, likely unwelcome sensation of being watched.
Aug 4, 2018
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"You will go. I will follow. I would request you take some of my followers on board - They will not attempt to take your.. Bianceve from you. And come battle I will slay your enemies without hesitation."

There was an abruptness to her words. Frustration, confusion.. directed elsewhere. Tilde's disappearance was not a mystery to her, but a warning. An unwelcome reminder of an uncaring observer. No action had been taken against her, but that did not mean she was truly safe. Should its eye pass over again, the attack that had cost her wings would be but a scratch in comparison.

All this added to her urgency. Her need to be understood. Emotions that had been suppressed breaking free. Fear.

A part of her... longing?

She missed those early accomplices. That woman - Eris, a fleeting memory giving the name - may have been using her position for greed, but someone to translate would have helped. Or to deliver a beating that would not prove lethal. Either would have been useful for convincing these soldiers of her intent.

"This petty conflict achieves nothing. Fighting here would be pointless. Every useless conflict is empowering your enemies, and I will see them ended before they can deal yet more irreparable damage! Do. You. Understand?"
Mar 23, 2021
For once, the angel made sense. It’s wisdom was clear to Dimi as he himself once preached the same. The conflicts between those on Earth distracted people to the true threat that claws at their throat, hoping to leave a mark or to tear it open to reach the soft tissue and warm liquid inside. Perhaps it was the fighting that made things too hard to understand…

But how could he? He had long since lost that spark, his reason for standing on a battlefield. He only stands here now as an empty obligation for a timely rescue, nothing more. If he would find it again, then he must…

”Alright then. Arguing here would only add to these conflicts you speak of. So I suggest we begin to make haste, but we will make sure our equipment remains safe while you are onboard.“

He would pause once again for a moment. He thought that maybe… just maybe he needs to change his perception of the world. Ever since coming here, his senses have been… warped for lack of a better term. As before, an understanding needed to be reached. Another’s experience, point of view, or rather knowledge was what he needed to understand this world.

”If you would oblige my… selfishness.” He said while attempting to articulate his words to show more expression of his own thoughts and emotions. “I would also wish to speak, if that is alright with you. It is not everyday you are able to come face to face with a being such as yourself. I would wish to glean knowledge from you, and perhaps you will be able to learn something of us as well.”

He did not know what it was seeking, but he understands its need to be heard. A voice calling for the cease of conflict is small compared to the din of those who fight for ideals, vengeance, or the thrill. This was a voice that called for…