Johanna and the Weissritter


Aug 19, 2018
Name: Johanna van den Berg
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Western Europe)

Other Information:
Mech pilot, Soldier
Likes: Good food, a challenge, free time
Dislikes: Being far away from home, unwelcome surprises, hammocks
Hobbies: Hunting, Video games
Combat theme

Johanna comes out of a family of military tradition, so it was natural for her to enlist in the Directory army as soon as she was of legal age to do so, but instead of dedication to the Directory it came out of a sense of tradition and duty, that said the world government despite its issues still has her preference over that weird honor system on the moon or whatever the colonies want.
During training she rapidly made a name for herself as the best sharpshooter in her class. Her melee combat in contrast was the worst of her class but that didn’t matter to her, she was firmly of the “No need to learn melee if I just shoot them before they get to me” philosophy, this plays a big part in her easygoing nature.
Due to this she was put in a specialized class for long-range sharpshooting, further specializing in mech piloting. Here she excelled, with all the parts of the training she failed at taken out of the equation she would graduate top of her class and be sent over to North America as the pilot of the recently finished prototype Weissritter.
The gift of the prototype reinforcing her sense of superiority and security.

Mobile Weapon: Weissritter

Affiliation: The Directory

Combat Style: Range
Strengths: Excellent sniping ability combined with high mobility make for a formidable hit & run mech. Combined with the presence of both energy and regular ordnance make it so that the Weissritter packs a mean punch for its size.
Weaknesses: No close combat training and lack of close combat weapons on the mech. In addition the armor is halved in contrast to a regular Gespenst and as such doesn’t provide much help against any hit.

Model Number: PTX-007-003C
Code Name: Weissritter
Manufacturer: Directory R&D
Operator: Johanna van den Berg
Power Source: Plasma Generator
Height: 21.7 M
Weight: 60.3 Tons
Propulsion: Tesla Drive
Armament: Beam Cannon x3 (Mounted on left arm), Split missile x12 (Stored in shoulders), Plasma cutter x1, Oxtongue Rifle x1
Equipment: Tesla Drive

Finishing Moves: Oxtongue Rifle E (Energy Mode), Oxtongue Rifle B (Bullet Mode), Oxtongue Rifle D (Dual Mode)

Created in an attempt to mass produce a new series of Gespenst units, geared towards maneuverability and speed. Equipped with a Tesla Drive it was intended to be the Directory’s primary flight unit.
Despite success and relatively low mass production costs the project was scrapped due to both the Lion, its variants and the Huckebein MKII-M remaining cheaper to produce, way easier to maintain and not sacrificing a notable amount of armor for its mobility. Regardless the finished prototype was still shipped off to North America for combat use.
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