Lunar Kingdom of Everglory (Legacy)


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Jun 14, 2018

Lunar Kingdom of Everglory:
Government: Neo-Feudalist
Capital: Nova Solyma, Luna
Territories: The Moon, Lunar Colonies.
Population: 200 million, including Lunar Colonies
Goals: Uniting all of mankind under enlightened Psychodriver rule, Systemic dismantling of inefficient, oppressive governments.
Motto: "Ex Luna Scientia" (From the Moon, Knowledge)

The original Lunar settlements, only a handful in number, were established by the governments of Earth shortly before Over Era, and were mostly for research and implementing the Aegis Plan. After the discovery of Extra Over Technology in the Lunar Crevice, the Moon became a vitally important asset to the Directory, changing the course of history.

Over the course of the next hundred years, 38 Lunar Settlements were established and expanded, and the Lunar Colonies were brought in to house additional populations as well. The discovery of EoT made the Lunarians fabulously wealthy, and their immediate access to countless technological breakthroughs made the standard of living the highest in the Earth sphere. The Settlements specialized in carefully extracting and analyzing the technology from within the Crevice, and developed an elaborate system of tunnels and precision machinery purpose-built for the job.

Countless automatons and androids were created to serve the needs of the populace, and slowly the need to work began to erode, leaving a people that were engaged only in the work of research, whilst all their worries were taken care of. The Lunar Colonies were a scientist's utopian dream - a place where one could study free of interference, among a community of enlightened individuals working together for the common good of all mankind.

But, that began to change.

As time went on, more and more began to develop an unusual ability: psychic powers. These developments were accompanied by strange, vivid dreams of terrible strife, visions of the future, and a sense of mysterious dread from the Lunar Crevice. Aware of the Directory's paranoia of alien interference, this discovery was suppressed for a considerable amount of time by Lunarian officials as they studied its emergence.

It was discovered that - for reasons not yet fully understood - greater proximity to the Moon resulted in a higher likelihood of being born with the required mutation. The term "Psychodriver" was coined to describe these individuals, and the T-Link System was developed to make use of their skills with machinery. What was an even more surprising discovery was that some of the technology excavated from the Crevice reacted specifically to Psychodrivers and their mental commands, such as being able to channel their abilities into raw energy.

While the existence of the Psychics was ultimately disclosed to the Directory, the findings regarding Lunar proximity were not, nor were the growing numbers of their kind among the Lunar elite, who had begun to form their own aristocratic society, emboldened by their newfound abilities.
The Directory, weary of disturbing the golden goose, turned a blind eye to the goings-on for the most part and accepted the findings with little fuss, so long as the Moon remained compliant in mining and providing the precious EOT it desired.

Lunar society began to be defined by a ruling class of Psychodrivers, and their "vassals" - the citizens of the Lunar Colonies that followed them. Territories were carved out, and an honor culture began to develop - when wealth meant little, prestige and honor became the means of differentiating the high and the low.
Fantastic dueling machines were constructed, equally beautiful and deadly, an expression of its user's talent, and these were used to resolve interpersonal disputes on the surface of the Moon itself in spectacular, yet highly regimented battles - occasionally, to the death.

When conflicts erupted with the Lagrange Colonies, the Lunar settlements didn't lift a finger to help - to the eternal fury and shock of the revolutionaries, who had been counting on their support to win their freedom. Little did they suspect that the Lunarians had already foreseen the resolution of the conflict, and played their cards accordingly. When the rebellion was summarily crushed, the citizens of Luna looked upon the squalor of the L-side residents with contempt and pity, seeing them as individuals who had been let down by a short-sighted government.

Following the failed rebellion, the Lunarians began to contemplate their own place in the universe - and grated under the newer, tighter grip imposed upon them by the Directory. They could already foresee that the existing government was beginning to rot from within, and the time would soon be ripe for a new leader of humanity to rise to the fore... But the future, from then on, became murky, suggesting that it would be a time of great conflict. They pondered how, in that event, they could ensure their own survival... And dominance.
The answer came in an unexpected discovery, one that not even they had predicted.

The discovery of the substance Orgone was one of enormous significance - its applications myriad, its power never before seen - but rather than share it with the Directory as normal, they kept it for themselves, having forseen that they would soon be at loggerheads with their would-be-masters.

They also discovered - and concealed - the existence of the substance known as Larseilam - a rare material that, in an Orgone Extractor equipped machine - could stop time briefly in a region for all but itself. Thus emboldened, the aristocracy became more aggressive in its actions, using the Larseilam to inflict inexplicable, untraceable attacks on Directory garrisons, and to surgically remove or kidnap Earth-born officials that began to pry too deeply into their business.

So it was that in OE 102, when the horrors of the Crevice burst forth, that the Lunarians were the only group not caught off guard, despite being in the heart of the storm. The opportunity was taken to do away with the Directory remnants that had been making to flee, and the Lunar territories declared themselves the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory - separating formally from the Directory as it did so.

They had foreseen the future - a brilliant world full of light, where they would lead the blind masses of humanity to a new age, one free of the tyranny of the unknown.
There was no crisis for them.

Only opportunity... And certainty of victory.

Mass Production Machines:

Dia: An elegant, performance dueling machine used by the knight-errants of the Moon. It's equipped with a powerful D-Extractor reactor that allows it to harness dimensional energy as a power source, making it a well-rounded fighter.

Lympee: The first mass-produced machine to use Orgone Energy, the Lympee is the weapon of choice for Luna's rank and file, equipped with an Orgone energy blade and rifle.
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Lunar Kingdoms Look and Feel:


As an enlightened society of scientists, aristocrats, and noblemen held aloft by countless automata, the denizens of the Lunar Kingdom lack not for the finer elements of dress. Indeed, the fashion trends among the aristocracy change as often as the phase of the Moon, and what is chic versus passe can mean the difference between hobnobbing with the high society, and a disgraceful evening alone with only one's robotic servants for company.

The Knights of the Kingdom decorate themselves in elegant garb, their uniforms not only ceremonial, but augmented with the latest technology, making them not only lightweight, but as effective as the heavy armor worn by their Earthborn counterparts. While Lunarian infantry are few in number, most are accompanied into battle by swarms of unmanned machines, such as Megillots - and each is a duelist armed with weaponry that can scarcely be imagined by other, more primitive factions. Displaying rank and status is extremely important to these warriors, and often their own uniform will have a detailed history linked closely to their family line.


Conversely, many - especially in the Lunar Colonies - eschew the more ornate look for simplistic, modern, effective clothes that are packed with the same life-monitoring, preserving technology. Lunarian engineers are equipped with small, yet fantastically powerful and adaptive tools that allow them to micromanage teams of self-sufficient machines, allowing them to accomplish in hours what would take others days, making their spacesuits and the like considerably less bulky and more ornate compared to those of other factions.
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Notable Individuals:

Name: High Queen of Luna, She of the Flawless Mirror, Selene III
Age: 21
Occupation: Faction leader of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory
Other Information:

Third in the line of royalty appointed by the Lunar cult, Selene III is the current reigning Queen of the Moon. She is the only daughter of the royal family, and presently, it's only surviving member. The name of Selene is passed down from individual to individual, and it is they alone who commune with the oracles of the Alabaster Lady, guiding the Lunar in accordance with their predictions.

Prior to inheirting her title, she was known as a playful and difficult to contain young woman - but when her father passed away due to illness, suspected to be on account of poisoning, she swiftly moved to secure the throne in his place over objections from the aristocracy. Ever since, she has shown herself to be a decisive and responsible ruler in spite of her youth, yet all traces of her previous lighthearted demeanor have evaporated - much to the surprise and sadness of those who had known her before.

Heeding the words of the oracles, she focused her efforts on entrenching the Lunar garrisons against the coming catastrophe - and her domestic reforms at wrestling power and influence away from an aristocratic class that seemed focused wholly on its own indulgence and enrichment, at the expense of the common man, won her the love of the non-Psychodrivers in the Lunar Colonies - but has made an enemy of the aristocracy, much of which quietly fumes... Out of earshot, of course, as the young queen is known not to take kindly to such breaches in etiquette...

Mobile Weapon: Vaikul
Description: A large, ornate, Psychodriver-use mobile weapon that has been in the service of the Lunar Royal Family for over a decade. It can be both manually piloted, and also deployed autonomously to serve the will of the Royal family. It is especially notable for its ability to countless Gun Slaves, perfectly symbolizing the collective fury of Luna's knights - an endless wave of gleaming, flashing blades that reduces all they touch to ribbons.
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Name: Gerrart Enfield
Age: 34
Occupation: Pilot, Lunarian Royal Guard
Other Information:
Notes: Psychodriver
Likes: Coupon Clipping, Hammocks, Snooze Alarms
Dislikes: Class Reunions, Infomercials, Gambling


The head of the Lunarian Royal Guard, the dreaded Knight of Knights... Is probably not one you'd pick out of a crowd. In fact, he's more likely to be striking up a conversation at the local bar about the home shopping network ripping him off again, than parading his title around.

Such is Gerrart Enfield, the overman who strives to be an everyman - a Gordian knot of contradictions, dwelling beneath a cool, easy-going exterior.

Much of his past is unremarkable for his lineage. His family has been close to the Lunarian Royals for generations, and has served them wholeheartedly - Gerrart himself is well acquainted with Queen Selene III, having minded her ever since she was small... and rumors of an illicit relationship between the two have never been truly quashed. He was trained in the classic styles of war, but eventually strayed from them, working to innovate and eliminate what he saw as glaring weaknesses in how the traditional Earth-originated forms of combat had been adapted.

Over the course of a decade of service, he invented and perfected the Command Arts, a hybrid style of combat that integrated the natural Psychic potential of the Lunarian soldier into every level of operation, separating it completely from its Earthborne counterparts. Under his steady hand, the Lunarian fighting code was refined into its present form - one based on fundamentals, the values of chivalry, and the power of the individual, as opposed to the unit, valuing the life of the knight over all else.

His personality is humble, easy-going, and sometimes comically flustered, and it is these qualities that have endeared him to the populace at large. He walks among the common soldiery, much more at home in a foxhole than he is in a command center, and has a noted dislike for engaging in the personal politics that so frequently intermingle with Lunarian life. In fact, despite his proficiency at strategy, he deliberately avoids being thrust into leadership roles, deferring credit to others where possible, and working to stay out of the limelight - he would rather fight on the front lines himself, as it is there he feels he can do the most good.

He wears a specially made visor, and is never seen without it. When asked, he states that he received a wound during the initial testing of the Diosk… but the truth behind those words is suspect. His easy going demeanor makes an excellent shield to deflect any prying questions, and his constant efforts to stay under the radar are questioned by some as suspicious - but no hard evidence has ever been brought to the fore, and he remains well liked in general among the Lunar populace, insulating him against any real criticism.

Enfield currently resides in the Royal Guard's garrison on Nova Solyma… But, it's not too hard to catch him sneaking out in the middle of the night for a fast food run.

Mobile Weapon: Diosk A (Ace)
Description: A large-scale, mass production machine primarily employed by the Lunarian Royal Guard, Enfield's Diosk Ace is a slight upgrade to the standard model, fitted with golden trim and higher quality internals, as well as improved communication arrays. Reportedly, Enfield himself prefers to use the same machines as his fellows, rather than any esoteric prototypes, preferring instead the Diosk's simple armament, high mobility, and light weight to the more heavy-set weapons favored by the average knight.

Combat Style: Fundamentalist
Strengths: Enfield doesn't rely on any flashy tricks, overwrought systems, or overly complicated strategies - instead, he is known for his mastery of the Lunarian Command Arts, polished to sublime perfection. In his hands, even the most basic, ordinary weapons shine like Excalibur itself, becoming extensions of his own body. His reflexes are peerless, his observational and analytical skills almost prescient, and most importantly - his ability to stay cool under pressure - all these qualities and more have earned him the title of Knight of Knights.
Weaknesses: Enfield's time of the battlefield has left him with more scars than he would like to admit, and his legendary battlefield prowess requires him to be in complete control of his emotions at all time. Those able to whip him into a frenzy are able to find an opening in his otherwise stalwart defenses, or strategic errors to exploit. His general scorn of more complex weaponry may leave him ill informed as to the capabilities of his foes as well - and while he may best them in a one-on-one fight, such battles are increasingly rare in the chaotic Over Era.
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