Mistake ball from another world

Aug 25, 2018
Name: Laura Woodweaver

Age: 40

Gender: F

Height: 162cm

Weight: 51kg

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: White

Ethnicity: Elaima


Other Information: Elaima (fox). Massively better than average at multitasking, slightly enhanced senses. Dogma user.

Laura was born in Maake, to a woodcarver father and a weaver mother. Though born to a simple and ordinary family, Laura herself was anything but. In the traditional aptitude testing done to every child on Maake during their 5th year she showed a special talent for multitasking and manipulating Od. By far the most promising of her generation, they were told. From there, various officials and friends all told Laura's parents to cultivate those talents.

In school, she didn't get along well with her contemporaries or fellow children. Her interests were too different, her opinion of herself high, too high it could be said, to want to mingle with the other children. In short, she was a problem child, that made the life difficult for others.

And so it was that a the young age of 14 she was taken away from school, and moved to a 'special' school that had a direct pipeline to Maake's military branch Reflection. Despite being younger than those around her, here she excelled.

She joined Reflection at once when her training had been finished. The black ops branch of Maake's military was the main way they interacted with the outside world. The branch only had one task: ensuring the peace and security of Maake by any means necessary. In practice it meant fanning the flames of conflict amidst human nations much like Shadow Mirror, to keep them too busy to bother with the small island nation. For years she did her duty. It wa something she truly enjoyed, and was good at. The most noteworthy operation she took in was the raid of the Shadow Mirror facility that held 'Troy'.

When Maake's top researchers and scientists had meddled with the systems and created the monstrous thing now resting inside the Vermilion Protector, the now desperate governing Elaima thrust it on Laura's hands, telling her to do her best.

Somehow, both Laura and Vermilion Protector survived the Fall of Maake, though she had been helpless to aid the citizens. After a short period of time alone she contacted Shadow Mirror and joined them. Her days in Reflection had been spent creating political tension, skirmishes and armed conflicts. Her job wouldn't change much in Shadow Mirror.
She was among the Shadow Mirror members when they jumped dimensions, though Vermilion Protector was undergoing both repairs and experiments at the time of the jump.

in L’isola she has been working as a mercenary duo with Liana, the two appearing on battlefields to help the losing side out, most of the time disappearing soon after. Though the lack of Maake and, indeed, her entire race in the new world has come as a shock to her.

Mobile Weapon: Vermilion Protector
Affiliation: Shadow Mirror

Fighting Style: Chaos

Strengths: Lots of firepower, widespread attacks with a wide range. The aid of Spirits allow her to cast a staggering amount of Dogmas at once, with a large amount of variety.
Weakness: Immobile, Thousand Dogmas leaves her open to attacks. Similarly, the attacks are unpredictable in nature as the Dogmas not fully cast by Laura herself vary in strength, being either weaker or stronger than Laura's own. The unpredictable nature of her attacks leaves her ill suited for wide scale military tactics.

Mobile Weapon Template:

Model Number: DE01
Code Name: Vern, Vernie, Vermilion Protector
Manufacturer: Shadow-Mirror
Power Source: Od Gatherer
Height: 45m (helmet)
60m (wings)
Weight: 335 metric tons
Propulsion: Odic Thrusters
Armament: See Dogmas.
Equipment: Od Gatherer, Thousand Dogmas System/Thousand Spirit Collective, Negative Energy Sensor



From classified report "Elemental spirit preservation - Experiment Results on unit Troy"
The 'Troy' was originally designed as part of the Shadow-mirror's attempt to frame the isolationist nation of Maake, as a simple elemental machine. Circumstances changed after the darkness began to descend, and it was retooled into a means of preserving some fraction of the world's elemental spirits. All data on this initial construction has been lost however, due to the actions of reflection operatives. Precise records on what exactly was performed using the machine are unclear, but after two weeks any further attempts to contract spirits for elemental production ended in failure for unknown reasons.

There were, in simple, no spirits left to be contacted. The 'Vermilion Protector', as it had been named according to intercepted transmissions, was put on the front lines to defend the nation of Maake until it was destroyed. Operatives [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] reclaimed the machine alongside a pilot afterwards, and the machine was temporarily reclaimed for inspection.

Preliminary scans indicated an uncountable number of spirits inside. Further analysis of machine logs made it clear that the failed summoning attempts coincided almost exactly with the "Protector's" activation post-reclamation. Only one logical conclusion can be found for this. They're all in there. Those crazy animals managed to summon and bind every single spirit into that machine. And they're fusing together into... something we can't ascertain.

God help us all.

Report on "Thousand Spirit Collective"
The "Vermilion Protector", as operatives have begun to refer to it, is currently believed to contain every surviving elemental spirit not currently contracted to another machine. There is no known method to release the spirits, as the initial release method appears to have become inoperable - any attempt to open it would likely destroy the release mechanism, the receptacle, and everything within several miles. Numerous modifications have been made however - the spirits are still powering the machine, and while somewhat dysfunctional, are capable of being both contacted and harnessed by the pilot. This appears to require intense concentration, but magnifies the number of dogmas the pilot can cast at once to a level never before seen.

Has not been tested with shadow-mirror operatives due to reluctance of original pilot to allow testing. Pilot quoted as saying "You can't possibly believe that you have a dogma user that could handle the mess in there."

Historical record on 'Vermillion Protector'.
The Vermilion Protector has changed numerous times over the Shadow-mirror's history in the old world. Originally created by Shadow-Mirror researchers as an attempt to duplicate Maake's mechanical design and later refitted into the elemental preservation machine it now stands as, it was stolen by Reflection operatives as part of the failure of operation Cookie Jar (See files on operative 'Liana' for details). During its time in Maake's hands, it was significantly upgraded and used as a containment vessel for all known elemental spirits. Post fall of Maake, the pilot (name: "Laura Woodweaver", though the surname is obviously made up) voluntarily contacted and joined with shadow-mirror operatives. Has proven cooperative so far with all testing and experimentation on the Protector, under the condition that she is present for all tests.

Due to changed circumstances post-jump, the Vermilion Protector and its pilot have been assigned to manage balance in the new world alongside another agent formerly belonging to Maake.

(Special thanks to Lukas for getting tired with the neverending development phase, dealing with the problems and writing the mecha fluff all while doing far ebtter job than I could even hope to do in my wildest dreams)


Whirlwind 2-10-1 VARTEX
Scorch 3-10-6 IGNEST
6-14-3 THRIKE
5-6-6 Sthrowe
Binding Dogma (Water)

3-7-2 Tontaton: Magic circles appear, they start spinning quickly before shooting a white-yellow beam forward.

Whirlwind 2-10-1 VARTEX : The Autowarlock casts a magic circle below it. A tornado emerges from it before splitting into two whirling edges, one for each arm.

Scorch 3-10-6 IGNEST: A two-layered magic circle, both layers with three dots at their edges. The inner circle is reminiscent of a triangle, whilst the outer circle spins wildly. A small barrage of balls of fire shoot out from the circle in a large upwards arc.

5-6-6 Sthrowe: Mud-colored magic circle appears, it shoots a small cluster of rapidly moving rocks towards the target.

Binding Dogma (Water): Shoots a bubble of water at the target, if hit the target quickly finds themselves caught inside the bubble, the water pushing them to stay in the middle.

6-14-3 Thrike: A large magic circle appears, with three dots forming a triangle. The circle ‘collapses’ to the dots, which shoot out in curving beams.
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