Post Length and When to Fret Over It

Hitura Rael

Staff member
Sep 29, 2018
Northeast Ohio
So, You've mad your character and now it's time to get posting. But wait, what about my post length? What if it's not enough!? What if I can't keep my partner engaged?!



Post length is not something to worry over. Yes, there are people out there that can post off a novel every time it's their turn, and it can be beautiful, but that is not the standard. Post authors are as vast as novel authors. Don't fret trying to be Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time). You can be like J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter) if you want!

The key thing to worry about with your posts is covering the idea of Scene and Sequel.

Scene is your action. Sequel is the reaction to an action.

Generally, the first and second posts of a thread are going to be the longest. The first few posts are setting up the overall scene, the key players, and the mood. For this, you want to give a description of the setting. DIG on in there! Talk about the sights, the sounds, the smells, everything! Immerse in the world. Describe whats going on around the characters. Describe your character, let us know why they're there, give us some reaction to this scene around them! But don't feel obligated to go over in depth or repeat details from another player. If you're going to repeat it, make sure you add to it and use other descriptors!

Most importantly, make sure that you set up your partner for success. Give them things to work off of, really set up that sequel for their turn.

The only time you should ever feel bad about your post size is if you give a one liner. I'm not talking a detailed fluffed one liner. I'm talking 'Ben slapped Tina." level of one liner.