Sayuri Shimizu

Jun 28, 2018
Name: Sayuri Shimizu
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 141
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black, died variable colors
Ethnicity: Japanese
Appearance: Thin, muscular, and decorated with vivid colors. Sayuri is a petite little peacock, with little regard for modesty (or good taste). Whatever strikes her fancy at a given moment, and she has access to, she dons without a second thought. This leaves her something of a highly eccentric and incongruous cosplayer.

Other Information:
  • Occupation: Bodyguard
  • Likes: Butterflies, jelly beans, funky flares, diamond rings (Pretty much anything shiny...)
  • Dislikes: Limits, interruptions, hyper-durable alloys not of her own possession
  • Leitmotif: Three-Star Chef's Song

Biography: "She's that ditzy chick with the sword." That's about all anyone really knows about Sayuri. And for good reason - she's done really nothing of any particular note in her entire existence. Well, aside from getting really crazy good with a sword, but what the hell who even knows how. Does she look like the kind of girl to put in the sheer amount of time and effort that level of mastery takes? More likely she just watched way too many chop-socky films and got really good at emulating them. Everybody's gotta have a hobby.

Of course a hobby isn't a job. She's just lucky she's cute enough to pass for grunt work. Or recline on desk work. Or sit-in-the-room-and-sufficiently-unnerve-people-with-your-strangeness work. You could call her a sellsword, maybe, if she ever really drew the thing or used it more than once a lunar epoch. In that sense she's more like an escort, albiet less smoochy smoochy and more chanbara-chan.

It's also clear she's not exactly a cheap thing to have around. She loves to eat, she loves to shop, and if she's not kept sufficiently entertained she has a bad habit of wandering off. A bored bodyguard is not a happy or fulfilled one. Very quickly, they may not be an employed one either, and then what are you going to do? Maybe you shoulda got her those platinum unicorn earrings after all, then you wouldn't have a band of mayan ninjas menacing you and no one to defend your cheap ass.

Wait, what was the question again?

Mobile Weapon: VangRay
Affiliation: Starseeker Combine

Combat Style: Flash
Combat Theme: Powerful Eater
Strengths: Though you'd hardly believe it to look at her, Sayuri is nigh-peerless with her blade. Once roused from her lackadaisical languor, the waggish wastrel becomes a swift and stylish swordswoman. So nimble are her motions, so solid her defense, that one might question if she's even tethered to gravity, let alone reality. Similar motions have been programmed into her machine as well - and it bears a pair of Shishiou blades to use them with.
Weaknesses: The woman just plain don't care. That lack of passion can keep her from entering a battle to begin with, and keep her motions sluggish and lazy until something piques her interest. Even then, as formidable as the furious flurries she issues are, she's still small and it's still a slender sword. Moreover, while her machine can ape many of the moves of her sword style, it's not really built to properly partake in that sort of melee.
Jun 28, 2018
Unit type: general-purpose mobile weapon
Accommodation: pilot only, in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 16.4 meters
Weight: base weight 18.2 metric tons; max gross 28.2 metric tons (w/ Rekka)
Armor materials: hyper-tensile reinforced titanium w/ nano-tube carbon overlay on high-tolerance titanium/tungsten frame
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating ~4880 kW
Propulsion: Tesla Drive, total output rating ~110,000 kg
Performance: maximum thruster acceleration ~6.03 G (~3.90 G w/ Rekka); 180-degree turn time: 0.22 seconds

Equipment and Design Features:
  • "Rekka" Assault Package: An optional assault/artillery package consisting of four missile pods and a positron shock gun. As the VanGray was designed with multiple roles in mind, its weight distribution isn't optimized for the support of this package. The shoulder pods, in particular, render the unit a bit top-heavy, reducing its speed and introducing balance issues.
  • "Hachi" Variable Package: An optional variable-form package primarily consisting of a twelve cargo-laden shields that fold into a binder backpack. This package provides on-demand adaptibility in weaponry and defensive arrangements, allowing the VanGray to tailor its tactics scuffle by scuffle. As the shields need to fold flat, there's only so much each can hold, and each item can only be of so much thickness. Furthermore, what's stored inside one shield has to fit compatibly with what's stored on the opposing shield it docks against. To help service the juggling of the contents, a magnetic grappling winch is mounted on each forearm.

  • 2 x machinecannon, mounted in chest
  • 2 x 9-tube missile pod, mounted in shoulders
  • 2 x shield, mounted on forearms
  • 2 x "Tsukikage" electromagnetic acceleration hand gun, stored in shields
  • 2 x "Shishiou" blade, stored in sheathes on back
  • "Gekkou" electromagnetic acceleration gun, hand-operated in use
  • "Rekka" Assault Package
    • 2 x 18-tube booster missile pod, mounted on shoulders
      • 2 x "Senpuu" variable-speed particle gun, mounted beneath booster missile pods
    • 2 x 18-tube leg missile pod, mounted on calves
    • "Jinrai" large-diameter positron shock gun, mounted on back
  • "Hachi" Variable Package
    • 2 x magnetic grappling winch, mounted on forearms
    • Binder Backpack (12 x Shield)
    • Stored weaponry changes regularly. Current contents:
      • R1 & L1: 1 x "Shishioh" Blade each ("Futsushi" and "Futsuno" respectively)
      • R2: 1 x "Zanentou" memory-metal longsword
      • L2: 1 x "Zankantou" memory-metal broadsword
      • R3 & L3: 2 x "Shinsoku Yari" memory-metal spear each
      • R4: 2 x Beam Sword, 1 x Remote Slasher
      • L4: 2 x Beam Fan, 2 x Fang Slasher
      • R5: 1 x nameless assymetrical docking sword set
      • R6: 1 x nameless large hooked sword & 1 x nameless ornate shortsword
      • L5: 2 x miniature Divine Arm
      • L6: 1 x Goshiki Zankantou, 2 x nameless yin-yang knives

Technical and Historical Notes:
Much like its owner, the VanGray is simultaneously both an exceedingly strange unit and a completely ordinary one.

Just where it was built or why isn't entirely clear. Its silhouette bears strong similarities to certain prototype PTs of the old UESA, yet none of the details are quite right. Several of the components show a high level of sophistication, yet the most heavily used armaments are relatively mundane in concept. It seems like the sort of unit that was at or near a mass-production stage, yet its performance exceeds most known MPs. And it found its way into the hands of a woman who seems ill-suited to use such a thing, let alone commission it, and yet she handles it with a singular ease. The best that can be said is that it's a unit that was slapped together from whatever was available in some obscure machine shop at the end of the world. A hodge-podge unit built by vultures out of carrion, with parts begged, borrowed, and stolen from the battlefields around the globe. In that light, the lack of imagination in the unit composition despite the advanced nature of some of its arms could almost make sense. Mercenaries are not known for having lofty aesthetic design goals, after all.

At its core, the VanGray is just a lanky, decently-armored personal trooper on the smaller end of the scale. Its only truly fixed armaments are a pair of rotary machinecannons that flank the cockpit block, themselves flanked by 9-tube missile pods in the shoulder armor. It's invariably further equipped with a shield on each forearm, with a "Tsukikage" hand gun tucked underneath. Its primary sidearm is a "Gekkou" rifle, effectively just a larger, stronger version of the handguns. Per Sayuri's preferences, the unit also commonly sports a pair of eerily sharp and durable katanas, dubbed "Shishiou" as a type, and "Futsuno" and "Futsushi" individually.

At the same time, the unit was designed as a multi-role platform, and suffers a bit for it. Without a dedicated role to attune its frame to, it ends up a muddled middleground. It sports mounting latches for adding more equipment, but the only arms Sayuri has gotten around to securing for it are a bunch of artillery pieces that render it top-heavy. Here a missile pod, there a positron cannon. Between them, the VanGray is rendered something of a flying armory, or a gun emplacement with arms and legs. Perhaps if she got inspired to commision something more fitting sometime...
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Jun 28, 2018

Unit type: Blackjack-class tactical corvette
Accommodation: standard capacity 4 crew; maximum passenger capacity ~60
Dimensions: overall height ~10 meters, overall width ~50 meters, overall length ~76 meters
Weight: ~140 metric tons
Armor materials: hyper-tensile reinforced lunar titanium
Powerplant: unknown EOT power source
Propulsion: 4 x Tesla Drive, output unknown
Performance: maximum acceleration unknown

Equipment and Design Features:
  • Docking Bay: Originally built as an attacker/bomber in its own right, the Utsuromaru's weapons bay has been modified as a top-loading storage bay for the VanGray and its weapon options. In combat situations, the ship can be piloted from within the VanGray, while the docked mobile weapon operates as an artillery turret.

  • 2 x electromagnetic acceleration main gun, dorsal mount
  • 2 x variable-speed particle gun, axial mount
  • 2 x 9-tube micromissile launcher, ventral mount
  • 1 x VanGray (optional)

Technical and Historical Notes:
Sayuri's runabout for the VanGray is an otherwise unremarkable mid-size spacecraft, one of the innumerable models produced by civilian contractors. While the design originated with Russian firm AstroKom as a tactical corvette (Si-9 Buran), it was also distributed by Swedish firm Saab as a torpedo corvette (FS-900 Orion), and by Avro Canada as an orbital bomber (B-87 Blackjack). Its main function in all forms is as a nimble hit-and-fade naval unit, utilizing its slim profile and respectable speed to deliver a payload and withdraw. As such, it requires a very small crew, and can even be manned solo if direct combat is avoided. These qualities have also made it a routine choice for blockade running, and some unarmed versions have been seen employed in rapid transit package delivery.

This particular vessel was one of the latter - a Canadian release, it passed through a number of civilian hands before it arrived in its present owner's care. Sayuri has applied extensive modifications to the vessel, the most drastic of which was effectively turning the cargo bay upside down. The center of the chassis is now fixed on the bottom, with the dorsal surface opening more like a traditional shuttle. This allows her to store her mobile weapon VanGray in a position where it can be readily fielded without leaving the ship. For that matter, what fixed armaments the ship now possesses are mostly mounted versions of the VanGray's firearms. It should be noted, though, that even with the VanGray's compact size, it can only fit inside by laying folded back on itself.

Utsuromaru (うつろまる), Sayuri's name for the ship, was largely derived from the legend of the Utsuro-bune.
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