Solve For X (MK)


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Jun 15, 2018
Dark Brain remained motionless, merely looming overhead, eyes flickering as its processors crunched the numbers. Bluff or not, it managed to buy her - and those on the planet's surface - a few seconds longer. The flickering stopped, and it returned its steely-eyed gaze to her. Despite its tone barely changing, its next words nevertheless managed to sound remarkably smug:


It raised a hand, and a torrent of baleful, flickering negative energy burst into being, sending thunderous coils of power all across its armored body that illuminated its nefarious, twisted features. Artificial muscles coiled in anticipation as it shifted its weight, like a rhinoceros about to to charge.


A flick of its wrist - the smallest demonstration of the power it had gained - and a wave of deadly force surged towards Remedy. No, more like a wall - a raging, screaming screen of negative energy, like the emissions of a thousand Lamalice, sent rolling towards her. Worse, it concealed Dark Brain's movements from her vision - but it was there, the sound of charging forward was mixed in with the shrieks, and the pressure, the crushing pressure of its presence grew with every passing moment.

As if it were placing her head in a vice, and slowly beginning to squeeze.


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Aug 19, 2018
Her heart thrummed in anxiety as the seconds passed, accelerating forwards in tempo and rhythm as she awaited the answer.
It was then that the answer came and she gave a grimace, "I figured you'd say something like that." came her reply as darkness came for her. Considering he permitted Remedy within these confines and her already deteriorated state she should have figured he either considered the risk negligible or had an answer, a cure. Knowing him, likely the latter with her herself as the example.

Remedy softly smiled at the situation before her.
"So- you could have saved her couldn't you..." She spoke as the darkness came for the already damaged Gravalin, the words reverberating through the negative space as the sadness of a life lost. A life she had to put out of their misery before she became a danger to all around her, a life like hers. A life- hers.
Sadness, rage these emotions and feelings coursed through Remedy. But they didn't control her, for what shone brightest was the singular determination before her to bar Dark Brain's advance, to halt it forevermore.

She had admittedly always expected she'd face this darkness alone, just- not this alone. Not this kind of alone, her expectation was that Remedy Otzer De Bougher would face Dark Brain, but the sisterhood in its entirety was the plan... Not just her.
Not... Just her. The pain in her head intensified, pressure mounting but she remained defiant. Another her had felt this, this test of her psyche and her safety from one of his proxies and she would survive it as well.

David and Goliath would be much too generous to Remedy's abilities but it was the first thing coming to mind. Perhaps an ant versus Goliath? Yeah, closer. The palms of Gravalin lit up as she presented her defiance, the beams firing into the darkness, curving light as the weapon failed to pierce Dark Brain's assault but in turn formed a barrier. The energy of Gravalin fed by singular desire, singular purpose.
To forevermore be the thorn in his side, that splinter one could not find under their skin and then finally the demise of his plans.

She had neither the strength, endurance nor wits to best him- but in a contest of will? She won. Death after death after death didn't diminish her desire, her goal, her wish. "YOU! COULD! HAVE! SAVED! HER!" She yelled as she contested the darkness, hearing the approach but not seeing it. "Moxon! For that I'll give you what you have given me countless times, the end!"

She was alo- wait what was that?

A crack in the darkness, where light met it. A singular cut appearing in this connected dichotomy. Something sunk out of nowhere, a blade carving through the weakened darkness and carving it aside. One of his? No- a new intruder. Almost more spike than machine it descended, a jagged blade continuing downwards as Remedy noted the new interloper.
"This darkness, you must be-" A voice spoke, as suddenly the machine multiplied.

"Then this is fate." He, Prometheus, could feel the overwhelming darkness from this place. From the monster before him, half a dozen almost translucent copies of his machine, blade in hand, drove forwards. Aiming to pierce the dark intellect in its joints as it rushed forwards, no longer concealed by the wall. How- he wondered could one beat an adversary like this? He remembered the people it took to kill Duminass and Laura certainly wasn't present, nor the fleet of this side.

Now he was- wait who was that.

Remedy blinked, not complaining she wasn't alone but worried about the interloper's safety. She recognized that voice, from when the Tantra incident happened.. And about anyone who desired life was an adversary of Dark Brain's so for lack of anything else, they were allies something she hoped he understood.
"Watch out-" She spoke to him "However dangerous you think HAL to be, he's at least ten times worse."

The Zweizergain nodded in response, the two machines moving next to one another. Their purposes seemed to align he reckoned, that did explain the wall of darkness was no barrier and these two desired the death of one another. Through escaping Duminass, escaping the horrors between time and space Typhon had guided him here, into the depth of darkness where devoured worlds lay in ruin. Against an adversary this great what would he do.
"Do you know any weaknesses of this thing?"



"It's killable?"

A small consolation as he continued the mental puzzle of orchestrating the defeat of this darkness and with that the two super robots steeled themselves for what Dark Brain would do next.