Stille Nacht, Teuflische Nacht (Say, Pim)


Aug 19, 2018
As the voice forced itself into her cockpit a wry smile came upon her lips, so her staying here had doubled in worth. For now the liar revealed themselves. Her gaze however pierced further than the rest could, the Curious Goat delving deep into the Sheep's presence and discovered something... unexpected. Yet not unwelcome.
Besides her the Virgola went limp, causing the smile to fade. She didn't go overboard did she? She needed him to grow separate from his sphere as a control group not be turned into a vegetable. She'd give him some time, no need rushing things but at the same time. Wait, wasn't she forgetting about something.

In a snap turn the Weissritter looked at the reinforcement, information flooding as she laid her eyes upon it. Or well, upon its fist drawing close.


The ominous crunch of metal combined with the squish of flesh as the Zest's fist came in contact with the Demonic Knight, its chest visibly denting in as on the inside the pilot saw the far wall of her cockpit draw closer to her. The force of the blow however sent her flying away from the Virgola. She impacted the back of her chair, blood forcing itself out of her mouth- blood. Blood was expandable, replaceable, replaced already. An expended expenditure for information, blood, sweat and tears were the three costs. Her blood, Kenneth's tears and everyone's sweat. Her mind raced, going everywhere and nowhere as she aimed her gaze towards the Zest.

As the Weissritter hung in the night sky, its gaze redirecting alongside its pilot the writhing of flesh could be heard the fist print of the Zest being pushed out of the frame of the pure demonic knight, the green light in its chest illuminating further coating the monster in a mix of green spheres and red lights from the Taura as flesh reformed.
Beams were weakened, a frame built to take distant attacks, but a barrier she could pierce with the insight of her sphere.
Words.. First to assure that the liar would play nicely as the Howling Launcher was aimed towards the Chojin Zest.

"Well aren't you quite the surprising appearance, Reactor of the Black Sheep."
Five Spheres were here currently, no wonder his likes were drawn here.
"The two of them seem to be cooperating, what say you we show them some teamwork of our own for this battle?"

He was a curiosity, his presence drew her in. And she reasoned that as she could read the truth of his reply a partnership was perfect to be proposed, the green glow of the sphere muddling her reason as it did now she delved into it that feeling was reinforced. Likewise the Zest was almost geared to counter her in some forms, but she- she would stand.

The sound of a shot ringing through the air, illuminated by the Taura's assault against the sheep the bullet began heading towards the Zest, simultaneously the Rein Weissritter dashed to the left, the thruster on its back now leaving a distinct trail of green from the previous white light as she delved into the sphere's power the energy it offered became more and more.
A second shot, still from the front. And while the first aimed for the shoulder this one went for the thigh. But they were distractions, with its speed the Rein would suddenly ascend four shots still ready in the chamber and now gazing down at the Zest two sets of two shots came almost impossibly quick after one another. Two aimed at each wing as she sought to send the giant plummeting to earth.
Nov 12, 2018
Five Spheres. All gathered together in what must have been the first time in millennia- And one had been stolen. Of course their timing couldn’t have been any worse. As the strange, flesh like machine started to fire off bullets, the Protector was just trying to wrap her head around what was going on. She braced for the impact of the first two shots, exploding against her arms, thankfully not damaging her too much- but then the two shots from above were a much larger problem.

With a mighty push of the wings, both were spared getting sheared off by the physical rounds- although she did promptly crash down into the earth below her as a result. The second mysterious suit was strange all on its own, and Zest got a better look at it as they stood back up, it was... Alien.

The titan took a defensive stance on the ground, letting herself return to her standard form. It was just an energy drain- and right now, looking at a beast that had been wrecked two of her allies, stolen one of their spheres? The fear was mounting inside of herself- inside of Zest. What was she supposed to do if they J.R.’s Sphere? That alone could be devastating for the world, devastating for the galaxy! Two monsters with that much power?! There would be nothing anyone could do to-

You idiot. You would stop them.

Power surged within the alien, radiating outside of her form as she looked back up at two opposing mobile weapons. She wouldn’t let this planet die as well. No. She would protect this family she has found, she would not fail this time. The massive android shrank to half its size, nearly twenty meters before jumping back up into the air, aiming a massive kick back into the Demonic Knight.

“Give me back that sphere, you mortal BITCH!


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Jun 15, 2018
"The Curious Goat."

Arietis regarded its mortal foe wearily. The gathering of the Spheres was already causing the Lying Black Sheep to resonate powerfully, each pulse of energy sending new shudders through his body. Yes, he felt - the hostility present in these ancient artifacts, the accumulated grudges of thousands of years of conflicting existences... all of it was rising to the fore. The tusked, gem-laden machine's eyes narrowed into slits at the Weissritter's suggestion, but it did not decline the offer.

Who, after all, would take the word of a liar?

"...The prize that awaits you beyond the Silver Door..." He said instead, almost to himself.

"I wonder if even you can comprehend it?"

With that, his attention was turned to the sudden light that was filling the air as the Pleiades Taura's devastating ordinance slammed down towards him. The clouds turned a bright crimson as the battleship's broadside slammed down through the heavens, causing Arietis to crouch, as though flinching. It seemed to disappear for a moment, swallowed by the intensity of the cannonfire-

But as the smoke cleared, it instead burst into the air, the crystalline shield about its form shattering into a thousand constituent pieces. Dimensional Power thrusters on its back lit up, carrying it up into the sky at a speed that its crude shape would not have alluded to.

"And the Covetous Ox." Continued the Sheep, unhurriedly.

"Some of your men may have survived... Yet, you were the one who led them to their deaths. Are you really fit to lead them, after that?" He said, giving a low sigh.

"Yes... With that [greed] of yours."

As it began to close on the underside of the ship, the crystal mass at the heat of the machine glowed brightly, directly channeling the awesome power of the Sphere, sending a spectacular cascade of colors through the DEC chunks that riddled its form.

"Allow me to sate your hunger, beast! BLOODY VINE!"

A series of bright red lights - like miniature versions of the battleship's own, burst from Arietis' heart and limbs, six total all lancing through the air, twisting and turning as they danced across the sky, aimed to puncture the underside of the Taura as it prepared its next onslaught. For the moment, he left the Virgola and the alien alone - with the Spheres all singing in unison...

It was only a matter of time before this one joined their chorus.
Sep 10, 2018
At the sight of the cannon barrage hitting the enemy, J.R. was quick to celebrate. One of his attacks had finally hit the enemy at hand, however, as soon as the bright red glow started to gleam through the dust cloud, he was perplexed to find the enemy shield breaking.

It could not be that easy, the enemy was already in the sky and heading towards his ship. It was not the first time they wanted to attack it from their blind-spots. "My friend, you'll find no exit in your attack. It's not the first time and I'm already getting tired of it!" He said as he targeted the incoming unit with the ship's Proton Missiles. Barrages of bright red missiles went right after the approaching enemy.

Obviously, JR knew that they could get rid of the missiles easily, as seen by the shield. The best thing he could do for the moment was testing how agile it was in order to determine what attacks should be fired on the unit. He quickly began to steer the ship in order to always have the enemy at sight, however, the communications were an obvious problem. This enemy was sprouting nonsense over the communication channel.

"Covetous Ox? Greed? I don't care about anything you're saying right now! By the lives of my fallen interns, you will fall!" said JR, while angry at the mysterious voice.

Right after that, was that he saw the crystal trails appear all over his surroundings. "What kind of magic is this? There should be no way of doing this!".

JR was surprised at this attack, his instinct demanding he fired his cannon at them. That would be enough to destroy these dangerous trails that surrounded the ships.

"Come on, men! Don't let their deaths be in vain! Aid against the enemy!" JR said with determination. The ships obeyed his orders, aiding with their own missile barrages to both prevent the trails from expanding and to damage the enemy unit.


Aug 19, 2018
With Zest taking the time to recover her attention, no her curiosity, guided her to the Sheep's words. Scratching her chin at the remark about the Silver Gate, a challenge from the purveyor of lies to the seeker of curiosities. What more fitting an introduction could she receive her gaze shifting slightly down as the tips of her fingers were now coated with her own blood. Nevertheless with the man selecting his target the meaning behind his actions was clear to her. A smile pursing onto her lips as she wiped away the blood resting on it still.
"We should find some time to talk, you have such interesting tales to spin after all."

The Rein Weissritter's gaze moved down to the Zest as the spent cartridges from her bullets clattered down to the ground. The dent it had made slowly beginning to undo itself, moving back to its regular shape as the green mass of flesh pulsed with energy.
"Oh and you may tell the spider in the web of wool that they needn't fear my presence anymore." It was only a honest remark that she wouldn't need to tell herself, that man was now in the ranks of Kenneth, the control group and she was supplied with a replacement already to keep track of.

And now, her attention was wholly on the Chojin Zest below her. It had been kind enough to discard its wings even. Perfect.

The gun was aimed towards the oncoming enemy, now notably smaller than before but it was not her intention to shoot.
"That was rather rude Archer, I'll decline." She answered the alien with its petty insults "Nor am I willing to trade."
Smugness radiated, the kind of smugness from one who had the other in the exact situation they wanted them.
The pilot of the Demonic Knight may have changed recently, likely for the worse, but she was still 'herself' and this... this was her element.

With a flick of the wrist the tail of the rifle grabbed something from behind the Rein Weissritter, a capsule suddenly dislodged and being flung towards the Chojin Zest. Anyone who had ever seen a Gespenst in action knew what these were, split missiles and as the enemy sphere user approached the Demonic Knight instead flew upwards leaving the capsule of explosives behind. It was true, the Standing Archer was fast, but she... She was even faster.

"Standing Archer," She called out to her foe. The foe that by all means aught to win this duel except for one thing, she knew its weakness the Goat had shown her. And the repairs her steed did already helped in this plan of hers, all she needed to do to witness the Standing Archer and gauge its reactor was stall them, she was on a timer after all. The Beam Cannons on her left arm were pointed down, shooting the capsule right as the Chojin grew close.

"Can you overcome me in time?"
Oh she was so excited, she barely couldn't contain herself. Already four spheres of the eleven she wanted to check on here. The beams shot downwards one piercing the canister and the other two continuing onto the Archer. Using the explosion of a full canister of Split Missiles the Rein Weissritter would reposition itself, moving swiftly to the backside of the enemy sphere user yet retaining her height, her eyes drawn on the cloud of smoke.
Nov 12, 2018
They were fast- fast as all hell, and Zest didn't quite have the mid-air maneuverability that the Weissritter had in stride. The beam blasts would carry past Zest, tearing at her skin slightly, but they weren't the main intent of that blast. The explosion engulfed the alien, the cloud of smoke holding fast around them while it almost seemed that Zest had disappeared into it.

At least, it would until two rainbow colored discs launched out of the explosion, the smoke cloud dissipating as Zest gave it's wings a push, floating in midair on it's impractical wings, arms spread out as the light on their palms faded.

"Spectrum Slash!"

The disks would turn back in on each other, in an attempt to pincer the enemy weapon.