Terra Sentinel


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Jun 14, 2018
Terra Sentinel:
Capital: London, England
Government: Network of interlinked PMCs with heavy influence over local governments.
Notable Territories: Great Britain, France, Canada, Japan, Australia.
Population: ~260 Million (in associated territories)
Goals: Clearing its name, Uprooting corruption, restoring legitimacy to Earth's government.
Motto: "Veritas Omnia Vincit" ("Truth Conquers All")
Faction Colors: Black & Orange

After the Vanishing Trooper Incident, an investigation was launched within the Directory to piece together what had happened. A special unit was formed of elite pilots, engineers, scientists, and support personnel, tasked with not only investigating the circumstances behind the incident, but the greater question of alien interference in domestic affairs, especially in the Colonies.

Originally, the unit was to simply report on possible instances of collusion with alien powers and infiltration, but its responsibilities and powers soon grew to directly combating these groups, and it often was given the latest in cutting edge technology to further grease its effectiveness. Within the Colonies, the dark-colored Gespensts of Terra Sentinel's investigators became affiliated with the Earth government's G-men, and they became a subject of fear and suspicion.

Over the course of the next 50 years, Terra Sentinel fought a war in the shadows, uncovering evidence of demon-worshipping cults, alchemical experiments gone wrong, terrorism, and indeed - possible alien meddling in domestic affairs, very little of which was ever made public. Countless potential catastrophes and tragedies were ultimately averted thanks to their sacrifice and hard work, and the people of Earth were able to sleep soundly as a result.

However, it also engaged in campaigns of targeted political suppression against enemies of the Directory. TS agents infiltrated Colonial independence movements, and manufactured circumstances to justify their mass arrest or dissolution, and fabricated manufactured to indict troublesome Politicians and media figures that spoke out against the rule of the Earth.

These questionable actions, ostensibly done in the name of protecting the general populace, smeared the name of the organization, and many within its ranks deeply resented being made to do the dirty work of the Directory's politicians.

Quietly, the organization began to open investigations into the Directory itself. Terra Sentinel began to accumulate a case against certain members of the Directory Executive Board, gently unraveling the threads of conspiracy, culminating in the covert raid of a secret Directory research facility in Omsk, Siberia, one which was supposedly engaging in inhumane experiments. Terra Sentinel's leadership planned to obtain photographic evidence of these, and to leak them to the media...

But, they had already fallen into the Directory's trap.

The Omsk facility was a set-up, and the arrival of Terra Sentinel's mobile weapons triggered a massive explosion - one that caused a chain reaction leading to the city's Nuclear power plant, and that wiped the city of Omsk off the map, killing over two million people.

Blame for the Omsk Tragedy fell on Terra Sentinel's shoulders, and it was painted as a bloodthirsty group that had long suffered from a lack of oversight finally overstepping its bounds.
As a direct consequence, in OE 100, Terra Sentinel was disbanded, and its agents decommissioned. Many of its members were placed under house arrest, exiled to the Outer Rim, or simply evicted onto the streets and sworn to secrecy.

However... Terra Sentinel's investigations and operations continued, albeit under the cover of darkness, through a network of PMCs founded by those formerly in its ranks. All throughout OE 101, Terra Sentinel began to recoup its strength, and began to form a plan of attack.

With the sudden withdrawal of the Directory's forces from the Colonial territories in OE 102, Terra Sentinel was (un)officially reformed, and struck out not only to expose the truth behind the Omsk Tragedy and clear its name, but to bring the perpetrators to justice...

Mass Production Machines:

MaskLion: An improved variant of the venerable Lion, the ReLion, was in development for Terra Sentinel prior to it being disbanded. In the aftermath, the prototype was slated to be scrapped - but the frames were recovered by private companies in Britain, and equipped with origin-obscuring armor plates and an array of conventional, unmarked weaponry for waging war against the corrupt parties within the Directory. These MaskLions make up the majority of TE's small, yet elite force.

Axio Burglar: A high-spec variant of the common Axio made specifically for Terra Sentinel, sometimes referred to as the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Unlike the standard Axio, the Burglar is anything but plodding - it is capable of high-speed bursts, and equips a deadly EM Blade capable of paralyzing and shearing apart unsuspecting targets. In addition, it also features state-of-the-art jamming and ECM capabilities, making it difficult to hit, let alone detect.


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Jun 15, 2018
Terra Sentinel Look And Feel:


As a network of outcasts, criminals, and well-worn veterans that were once the decorated Directory elite, Terra Sentinel lacks a "true" uniform. The original standard-issue longcoat, now out of issue, has been lovingly maintained by some holdovers, serving as a reminder of days of glory - and burned by others, along with whatever terrible memories they might carry.


Despite this, Terra Sentinel's mobile Weapons are cutting edge prototypes often culled - or outright stolen - from Directory black projects. The Directory itself has invested in more one-off failures than its accountants would care to admit, and these orphaned, incomplete designs often find their way into the hands of Terra Sentinel - who are more than willing to pay a considerable sum to have them. As such, while its forces are patchwork, they are high performance - a small number of elite TS pilots is more than a match for an entire squadron of average soldiers, buoyed by not only their years of experience, but often their esoteric prototypes.
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Jun 15, 2018
Individuals of Note:

Name: "Hyperion"
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Faction Leader of Terra Sentinel

Terra Sentinel's enigmatic overseer. Hyperion issues dictates in the form of encrypted, concealed messages, directing its cohort from the shadows. Its true identity is unknown - Hyperion is speculated to be a collective of loosely networked individuals, or perhaps only a single, highly capable individual - but what is certain is it displays incredible foresight and strategic knowhow, having guided Terra Sentinel from its early days to its current position as a coiled serpent, lying in wait.

Hyperion was formerly a callsign for Terra Sentinel's Alpha Unit of top guns - a title that would be inherited from one pilot to the next. When it was officially disbanded, the entire unit was rounded up and executed on charges of treason by the Directory... Yet, six months after its official disbandment, Hyperion emerged once more - albeit this time in its present, covert form, reaching out to former members as it began to piece together a coalition.

Far from benevolent, Hyperion deals with traitors and possible information leaks ruthlessly - an unkind reminder of its gristly pedigree - but its instructions are what have allowed the group's resurgence, and for the time being, there appears to be no direct challenge to its strange brand of decentralized leadership.


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Jun 15, 2018
Updates As of August OE 102 ("Disc 2 Arc"):

The following Mass-Production machines are no longer available: Maskleon

Mass Production MWs:

RAM-013 Relion

Terra Sentinel's mainstay mass-production machine, a hybrid that was rejected by the Directory for excessive costs. A cutting edge champion of the skies, it packs the revolutionary Miniature Tesla Drive Missile launcher, giving it bombardment and dogfighting capabilities that are a cut above the average aerial combatant. Test data was painstakingly collected through the concealed frame throughout the past two years under the guise of the Maskleon. In addition to the MTDM launchers, they also carry box railguns, as well as the traditional Lion armament, the Burst Railgun. Other handheld armaments can be added as necessary.

Limited Production MW:

Mass Production Type Jinrai

A simplified version of Terra Sentinel's signature Jinrai. The artificial musculature that riddled the prototype is only installed in the legs, the mantle and sword are omitted wholly, and rather than SZLAI, it is controlled by a modified variant of AI0, stolen from the Directory's own databases. Although an exceptional machine, it is ultimately considered a disposable wingman for ace pilots, allowing them to engage their desired targets while it stalls and separates other, high profile enemy machines.

There are difficulties with the artificial intelligence that make it unsuitable for urban combat, leading to considerable collateral damage, causing it to have a bad reputation among frontline troops, though it is said to be an advantage that it carries out orders unquestionably. Eliza Kruger is tasked with updating and correcting its AI, having been brought in to address the existing issues.