Test Dummy Profiles [WIP] for Character and her respective Mecha! Help for Mecha Specifications appreciated!


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May 5, 2019
Name: Akahime Murata.
Age: Twenty-four.
Gender: Female.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Eye Color: Amber.
Hair Color: Crimson.
Ethnicity: Asian.
Appearance: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/houkai3rd/images/5/5f/Teen_Himeko.png
Other Information: Spacenoid. [WIP]

Biography: [WIP] Have to base on 'Other Information' first as reference... ( ._.)

Mobile Weapon: Crimson Flame.

Affiliation: Starseeker Combine.

Combat Style: [WIP] Close-quarter combat. (Need to add a bit more of details.)
Strengths: [WIP]
Weaknesses: [WIP]

Model Number: X-S0
Code Name: Crimson Flame, nicknamed Crimsongain.
Manufacturer: PI Mechaworks.
Operator: Akahime Murata.
Power Source: Body Energy, Electricity, Plasma Generator.
Armor Material: Improved EG Alloy.
Height: 41.2 meters.
Weight: 131.9 tons.
Propulsion: Artificial Bone and Muscular Tissue Drive (ABMD), Tesla Drive.
Armament/s: [WIP?]
Rocket Punch.
Similar to the Boost Knuckle of most Grungust-series, the Crimson Flame can launch one of its arm to deliver an aerial punch from afar. It is also possible to 'charge' up the necessary Boost to a certain degree before releasing the attack, increasing the speed and damage it is able to inflict. Though a unique twist to this attack is the Crimson Flame may prompt not to detach the arm at all and decide to rush along with it serving as a form of a gap-closer or escape method if necessary. There are other applications as well though most of them are rather generic like the usage of boosters around the Crimsongain's body to quicken it's attack up-close or to use its aerial punch as an express delivery to someone from afar during combat while carrying something on its hand.​

Similar to the Final Beam of most Grungust-series, the Crimson Flame fires a wide close-to-mid ranged area beam in front of it, hitting multiple enemies in range in front of it. The Crimson Flame however is immobile, due to the increased energy consumption and usage, while attacking and is prone to sneak attacks during and a few seconds after attacking. To somewhat alleviate this weakness, the Anti-Beam Cloak was introduced to at least protect the Crimsongain from attacks coming from behind as the pilot can still use X-Beam as a sweeping attack.​
Crimson Gaze.
Similar to the Omega Laser dubbed Eye Laser by most from the Grungust-series, the Crimson Flame fires heat laser from its eyes. It is mainly use against smaller crafts or as a harassment option depending on the situation. Nothing much to tell other than it is one of the long-ranged attack options of the Crimsongain alongside the Rocket Punch.​

Equipment/s: ABMD System, Direct Motion Link System (DML), Tesla Drive, Anti-Beam Cloak.

Finishing Move/s: [WIP]
X-Smasher. (http://www.rocketpunch.cn/images/common/动图/2MUltimateSkill.gif)
More or less an attack inspired by the Valsion/Valsione's Cross Smasher, the Crimson Flame charges up a sizable large sphere of electromagnetic energy before launching it towards its enemy. Two of the attack's most prominent features, other than of course dealing a huge amount of damage and its respective radius, is the temporarily robbing most electronic hardware from functioning and shutting down temporarily as well as its notorious aiming and target locking capability. After all, a 'super move' isn't meant to be dodged to while there are some cases before, and how humiliating and shameful it may be, both the PI Mechaworks and some of their allied alien colleagues racked up their knowledge and wits to make it possible. Of course, downsides are bound to happen and once again similar to the X-Beam, the Crimsongain is in an immobile state while charging up and is vulnerable to attacks at this time. Secondly, despite being called one of its Finishing Moves, where you usually use it against a single enemy, this is meant as a wide area-of-effect attack against massive groups of enemies. And lastly, the third downside, is the physical and mental burden on the pilot. Most of the test pilots were only able to bring out an X-Smasher at least once before falling unconscious from the fatigue and it is already rare for someone like Akahime to still be able to fight after using X-Smasher once albeit in a weakened state for a certain amount of time.​

Description: https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/01...sless=true&s=9988cbdbc0359f3e58c3dcb9327ce9c1
History: [WIP]
PI Mechaworks is one of the companies founded in the space colonies, primarily, and evidently in their name, focused on mecha manufacturing as their main niche and is one of the backers of Starseeker Combine. They were originally a low-profiled company until the Vanishing Trooper incident occurred where 'aliens' suddenly came to the aid of the colonies. After a series of making connections, the mechaworks started making mechas for the newly created Starseeker Combine in order to bolster their military ranks. Though they were primarily focused on the creation of Real-Type mechas, the sudden technological help from their new friends gave birth to a rather daring idea, one that would of course fail but will be made reference for future attempts.

Inspired, or rather delusioned, to make a Super Robot that can be mass-produced, or at least make a basis for one, the Crimson Flame, later nicknamed Crimsongain due to a striking similarity with a mecha called Soulgain, was developed and created with basis and reference on a few Super-Series mechas. EG alloy, further refined and and improved by their allied alien technologies, was used as armor while systems like the ABMD and DML were installed. There were opinions of adding a T-Link system as well but due to it being counterintuitive towards the mecha's original goal of mass-production, not to mention the need for Psychodriver pilots, it was decided not to be implemented at all.

[WIP] To be added!: Is it a special one-off machine, perhaps a failed prototype or a cutting edge experimental model? How did it fall into the hands of your character?
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