The Directory


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Jun 14, 2018
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The Directory
Government: Directory
Territories: L1 Colonies, North & South America, Europe, The Middle East, Russia, China, India.
Capital: Brussels, Belgium
Population: 18~ Billion
Goals: Sustaining the current world order, preserving Earth sovereignty against extrasolar threats.
Motto: "Et nunc reges intelligite erudimini qui judicatis terram" ("And now, O ye kings, understand: receive instruction, you that judge the earth.)

Formally known as the United Earth Sphere Alliance (UESA), the mega-superpower formed in response to the threat of the ES Wave, and which oversaw mankind's ascent to the stars is more commonly referred to as "The Directory". Initially founded as part of the Aegis Project, the Directory came to power formally after the discovery of Extra Over Technology on the Moon, where it established itself to oversee the fair distribution of EOTI to different territories, and to prevent the outbreak of war.
During investigations of the Lunar Crevice, the Directory came to the conclusion that the technology present beneath the moon was of Extraterrestrial origin - and much more advanced than anything the Earth could produce on its own. The possibility was also raised of the ES wave possibly being a pre-emptive strike from the same, possibly hostile entities. Resolving to meet this new possibility head on, the Directory consolidated additional power, and set about the continuation of the Aegis plan through the creation of a military able to meet the threat of alien invasion.

The creation of the Personal Trooper, Armored Module, and many others soon followed as countless research projects were funded across the world, even as EOT was enriching the lives of citizens everywhere. The Directory poured endless resources into closing what they saw as an immense gap, aware that their invisible enemy could well have already been alerted to their presence.

For quite some time, this was the only capacity in which the Directory directly addressed the threat of alien invasion... and for that, it would pay a price.
The light-touch approach came to a sudden and violent end with the Vanishing Trooper Incident. A civilian Colony in the L5 Cluster was destroyed when the Huckebein - a Directory-produced Prototype Personal Trooper - had its EOT based Black Hole Engine go berserk during testing, collapsing the entire structure into a miniature Black Hole, and killing over a hundred thousand innocent Colonists in less than one minute.

The fallout from the Incident was immediate and dire, as the public erupted in an uproar. Though not disclosed to the general populace, a post mortem pointed to outside interference in the test, and the belief that the Huckebein had been tampered with by an individual - one possibly affiliated with alien powers, due to the familiarity of the perpetrator with the Black Hole Engine's specifications. Directory leadership blamed itself for not being able to act sooner, and swore to root out alien influence, no matter the cost.

To this end, they launched a massive campaign of surveillance, cracking down on personal and economic freedoms in the already economically burdened Colonies. The group known as Terra Sentinel was established to investigate and hunt down those attempting to threaten the Earth sphere, and to prevent another Vanishing Trooper Incident from ever occurring.
The crackdown became unceasing, and finally resulted in a massive rebellion by Colonial citizens. L2 and L5 branches engaged in firefights with Directory space forces, Armored Modules and Personal Troopers clashing in the depths of space, as a bitter fight for independence erupted. At length, the rebellion was crushed, and the ringleaders jailed or killed... But the damage had been done, and the Directory's legitimacy, at least in the Space Colonies, was in tatters.

Colonial politicians who expressed anti-Directory sentiment in the aftermath were jailed by Terra Sentinel under Directory orders - even those who had shown no other signs of dissent. In order to encourage compliance, pro-Directory candidates and officials were installed in important positions - sometimes under armed guard. The spiral of distrust and fear continued, as Directory officials, fearful of the mob, took more and more drastic measures to preserve their hold on power - including framing and disbanding Terra Sentinel, who had begun to question the integrity of the orders it was receiving.

The greatest superpower in human history seemed trapped in a quagmire of corruption and red tape of its own design, with every attempt to reassert its grip on power only causing it to further slip through its fingers.

When the Sundering War begun, the Directory's response was to withdraw its spread-out forces to the areas most affected by attacks - its own, leaving the Moon and Colonies to defend themselves. However, the effects of the Sundering soon spread to even those areas, now abandoned by the power that claimed to protect them.
Now it finds itself besieged by enemies on all sides, and struggling to reclaim its former glory.
What awaits the once saviors of Earth?

Redemption - and with it, a noble future of prosperity for all mankind, as it once dreamed of long ago?

Or will it be led to the guillotine, and join the graveyard of failed Empires past?

Only time will tell...

Mass Production Machines:

Huckebein Mk-IIM:
Backbone of the Directory's vast army, the Huckebein Mk-IIM is flexible, agile, and possesses excellent cost-performance ratio. These are thrown in bulk at foes in organized wings, and often their sheer numbers alone are able to drag down even superior machines, despite having no true standout features themselves.

A hulking tank of a machine that combines heavy armor and reliable, solid-shell weaponry. Ranks of Razgriz are deployed to pulverize whatever stands before the Directory army into dust with round after round of heavy artillery.


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Jun 15, 2018
Directory Look and Feel:


Given that it controls the vast majority of the Earth, the Directory is as diverse in appearance as its various constituent parts. That being said, standardization has been given serious focus by its leadership in order to foster a stronger sense of unity, and there are some commonalities present. The Directory prefers simplistic, easily identified, utility-focused apparel for the vast majority of its members, eschewing any overtly decorative or flashy uniforms. Careful attention has been paid to balancing uniqueness and cultural identity with a sense of homogeny among personnel.


Special forces units and Black Projects, however, are myriad within the superpower, and experimentation with different forms has been carried out quietly. Many are the times when terrorist groups find themselves the target of clanking, monstrous machines and multi-limbed, hissing mutant abominations, their insurrection quickly becoming little more than a live-fire test run for some of the more ambitious bioweapons developers in its employ. Those units that do enjoy the direct patronage of a Director are armed with the best technology on the planet, and are arguably the most fearsome fighting forces of all in the current era - save that they are often jealously kept in reserve by their handlers, whose (perhaps reasonable) paranoia rarely keeps them from straying far.


The Directory Alchemical Society has its own unique dress code, one that allows them to be immediately picked out as wielders of magic. These are considered more modern, simplified versions of the classic magician's robe, and they fuse both technology and magic seals to boost the protection granted to their wearer. While this has led to some discrimination against these units, the Directory remains somewhat untrusting of the Society's furtive ways despite having imposed numerous laws and restrictions upon its person.
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