The Dynamics Of DEC (Closed)


Aug 19, 2018
OE 102
Location: Heart of the DEC forest, Middle East

Amidst the spires of DEC that litter the land a lone figure stands, its mind on all manner of things. The circumstances that led to it being here, the plans that were all smashed to smithereens and how to fix the issues at hand. Well, one had been fixed. It would not fall for the same trick again.
The DEC around it was far from normal, its colors stained by splotches of purple growing on the tree-like spires like an infection overtaking its host. The figure seemed unbothered by both its location and the the peculiarities in it, it viewed its scenery as a private study rather than the hellscape it truly was.

One thing did bother it however, it looked back from the direction it had walked from to observe a long string of numbers and formulas written in the contaminated ground and it walked back to observe its calculations. Double, triple check them. Not one fraction of a fraction of a number was allowed to be off, the results could be catastrophic that was its true concern.
No one was allowed to notice, not before all the pieces were already in place and it was too late. The reaper was afoot and though thwarted for the time being it would much rather exactly know what that thing was doing instead of knowing it was absent. Let alone a more direct interference by its enemies.

The pace back and forth pauses as the lone figure leans in on its calculation, observing one number. It squints, running the calculation through its head.. It concludes 'too volatile' and with one motion of its foot the number is gone, a scratch here and there and the figure is pleased with itself and the new number. Returning to the end of its string of numbers.
By far this was the toughest number crunching it ever had to do, relying on archaic notes and scribbles was somewhat humiliating but it was for a good reason. One does not treat the most important calculation of their life lightly.

Since the beginning however its calculations all pointed at a simple truth, it would need materials. Very specific ones, a facility nearby should provide most technical systems it needed but not the key pieces. The figure would have to construct those himself as finding one of those was highly unlikely and if there did happen to be one powerful enough about having a backup was always good, even if it gave a chance of being found out. It contemplated the locations of the items as the calculation was put on hold.

As emerald lightning struck and curved nearby the figure didn't bat an eye, the noise was the price paid for the privacy, or rather relative privacy. For the lone figure was not quite so alone in this desert of crystal and glass. It glanced to the side, DAMON. But no worry came across its thoughts. It had a use for these new denizens of the Middle East, retrieval teams were just what it was looking for now and they made perfect foot soldiers.

Irony at its finest really was a treat.