The Kusanagi Clan


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Jun 18, 2018
Kusanagi-no-Mikoto, the savior of legend who stood at the forefront of the Anti-Giant Alliance several thousands of years ago; the man who formed the Kusanagi Clan which passed down the Kusanagi-style of the blade. Considered by several practitioners of various Kenjitsus throughout the millennia as the “Supreme Swordsmanship,” a style that trumps all other styles. It is a style coveted to be learned by any true swordsman, however as time went along, the highly-selective nature of the style caused it to slowly fade into obscurity, as more popular styles such as Kendo and Iaido became the common practices for most who wished to learn the sword.

In modern times, the only way one can truly learn and master the style is by being born into the family, as training begins when one is but a toddler. Entering in the family through the outside has become increasingly difficult as time went along, as the style had evolved more under the select few who were entrusted with carrying on the style.

As time went on and around the time of the Lunar Kingdom of Everglory coming into formation, a fierce civil war broke out within the Kusanagi Clan, with the two main branch families, the Aohara and Oda, in heated debate of whether to stay true to their roots in Japan or to move to Luna under their aristocracy and be able to hone the style in relative peace. The war dragged on for almost a year, before the stalemate drew to an end, with the branch families separating and the Aohara family moving to Luna while the Oda Family stayed on Earth. While the Aohara family moved on and continued their practice, “looking down” upon the Oda Family, the latter held bad-blood towards the Aohara clan.

In present day, both Families are rather inactive outside their Clan, and mostly focus on developing and honing their style. The Aohara Family is an exception as they are an independent organization of Everglory’s military, and have sub-contracts they are required to fulfill for Everglory.

Extra Notes:
-The Aohara Family commonly incorporates the fine arts into their swordsmanship, such as calligraphy, traditional theatre, among others. They occasionally put on private shows for upper-class society on Luna

Each Family is led by the Head of the Branch, which is passed down from parent-to-child, based on merit, if multiple children are had. The transfer of leadership is passed down when the current head passes away. If the Current head passes before having any children, or chooses not to have children, a competition is held amongst the branch members to determine who is most fit to lead the family.

Kusanagi Sword School:
The Kusanagi-Style is composed of four different schools, each with their own unique style and purpose.

Chudo - (lit. The Middle Way, Symbol - Water): This school composes the fundamental basics of the Kusanagi Sword Style. It is composed of several techniques that cover a wide range of dueling strategies.
Inmetsu - (lit. Destruction, Symbol - Fire): This school imparts destructive techniques meant to kill enemies and achieve the highest potential for an individual’s attack
Tenka - (lit. Pinnacle, Symbol - Earth): This school is what most people reach when learning the Kusanagi Sword Style. Translating to “Pinnacle,” when people mention the “Supreme Swordsmanship” of Kusanagi, this school contains the techniques that are considered the pinnacle of kenjitsu.
Owari - (lit. The End, Symbol - Air): A school only known to a few select individuals, The Owari School contains forbidden techniques or otherwise extraordinarily dangerous moves that put both reality and the user at risk.