The Last Frontier (Kujo, Tack, ???)


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Jun 15, 2018
The heat!

Moss grit his teeth, hearing the AC unit in the Impulse whine in protest as the Mardikt approached. No good. His men were being slaughtered. He was outgunned by these... these freaks. As the crimson centaur loomed wide in his vision, he closed his eyes, trying to accept his inevitable fiery death with at least some small measure of a man's dignity.

And yet-

The other one, the horned demon, interposed its copies between the two of them. Blinking in shock, Moss noticed the train - or the cars that were left - now starting to pull away with top speed with a tiny handful of survivors. In the distance, the other units had been fell upon in a similar fashion by the barbarian's... confederates, for lack of better word.

I owe you one, pardner.

After breathing a silent prayer of thanks to his unlikely saviour, the small blue machine turned in the air, boosters lighting up as it activated the only system of worth it still had.

"ASRS, activate!"

With the roar of a turbine, Moss was back on his way. He hadn't given up the fight - no, not yet. Now it was a race against the clock to see what he could save, before these nightmares got loose across the surface of the planet. As explosions popped like fireworks in his rear monitor, once again he was taken back to the bad old days, during the war.

Looked like he was going to have to take that out of retirement after all.
Nov 14, 2018
Mardikt struggled against its captors, twisting its torso and beating its wings to free itself. "Oi! Get your damn dogs off me!" Zan shouted before giving up the effort. The Crimson centaur glared at the escaping Martian. "Hey you! I know you can still hear me," the Shura called as the Impulse barreled away. "There's a fire in you, I can feel it even from here. I'll let you go for now, but don't stop feeding the flames; I'll be back to check in on it." Half compliment, half threat, Zan left off with a sinister chuckle. The mirth was cut short, however, as he spotted the growing black speck in the distance.

The black hole launched from the Metal warrior streaked through the air in a whooshing silence, its event horizon sucking in the stray red dust of Mars. The cloud of dust the Boffrey escaped into was quickly eaten away by the dark orb eventually revealing a reptilian eye gazing on.

Until it all fell apart.

The oppressive thrum of space gave way to a great crashing and crumbling, the minute, dense sphere quickly grew as it fed on the surrounding mass of the planet before a jolt of energy seemed to contain and dissipate the force of nature. What was left on the Martian earth was a new gaping crater and a scattered few plates of what used to be the Boffrey. Meanwhile, in the distance, Amduscias watched on. "Impressive," Venas said to himself. "Let that be a lesson, Nohm, an enemy's form doesn't translate to its abilities." The white Shura cocked its head and looked to the side as a Boffry appeared beside it. The new chameleon stared at its company as Nohm replied simply, "Understood."

Glasyalabolas skidded across the red earth and came to a stop between the Grungust and its fellow Shurashin. As it raised its claws up, Haki charging within its palms, Silas posited, "Hey, you're free to run off too. I prefer a chase." However, Mardikt had shrugged itself free from the stranger's copies, having evidently made its intentions clear. "Cool it, Silas. If anyone gets Big Red here it's me," said Zan. "But, I'll extend my previous offer; You can go ahead and run off too, that is, unless you're raring to go with all of us."

Zan's compatriots began to form up around him, and off in the distance lights seemed to come on up the length of the Swordian as what appeared to be countless sets of eyes stared out at the battlefield.
Nov 12, 2018
The urge to just set off the Grungust and try to nuke this place off the map was burning its way through Vulyn’s chest as the young, newly minted space pirate lay prone on the cockpit of the super robot. All that blustering and she had only managed to blow a hole in the surface.

“Get us out of here Effdee. Follow the trains until they start trying to kill us.”

A nasty cough escaped from the exhausted pilot, the Android giving a concerned glance back down as the Grungust turned and started to run off. The robot shifted form one last time, although an audible groaning of the engines came through as it limped behind the others.

“Oh please fucking don’t tell me this things already fucking wrecked.”


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Apr 5, 2021
The large blue form, the true one at the very least, turned around once distance was created between the two sides and the lack of intention to chase was conveyed. Beginning to waltz off in the rough direction the Sheriff had but moments prior even if its pace was more leisurely then the hasted retreat. It was not like there was no haste in its step however.

The God of War dotted between the stars, the red planet humanity had made itself a third home in.

How would this unfold. Was this the home known or another world much the same yet different in the most noticeable of ways.
For now there would need to be wandering, until the blue marble dotting the sky could be reached there was no answer.