The new Lord of Exeter - Mel Khan


New member
Sep 10, 2018
Months had passed since the battle on the Moon, and with it, a new responsibility weighed upon Mel's shoulders. After the death in battle of the previous Lord of Exeter, the role had now been bestowed upon him. Now that he had the whole House of Exeter at his disposal, he had started to investigate the energy that led to the Dimensional Quake which brought a mysterious enemy to this dimension, the same enemy who fought to a standstill against the Giganscudo and who the team had barely managed to defeat.
But there also came a mysterious enemy weirdly fixated on one of his fellow teammates with which he fought along, Adachi, the pilot of the Gunleon. What could a simple robot have to draw the attention of that enemy which also brought the same enemies as the quake?
Still, he had a new robot, the Emeraldan, which he still has to use. If the team of the House of Exeter can perform a simple inspection on the Gunleon, maybe he could complete a part of the puzzle, and he could get to practice on the Emeraldan.