The Otherworldly Warrior

Nov 14, 2018
Name: Kotora Amatsuotome
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 154
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Orange with black stripes
Ethnicity: Tiger Human
Appearance: Screenshot_19.png
Other Information: Shura. Kotora tends to make cat sounds when she's not thinking about it.

Biography: Kotora has no recollection of her life prior to arriving in the L'isola universe. She had appeared in a Directory worker's home while he was away; when the man returned, he promptly alerted his superiors who took the unconscious girl to an "outsider processing facility". Besides basic personal information and general knowledge, Kotora knew nothing. According to the Directory officers, memory loss wasn't an entirely uncommon occurrence in "outsiders". After a few days of explaining the world to Kotora, the Directory set her up to begin integrating into society.

Kotora is very girlish. She enjoys wearing cute and pretty clothing (any that will accomodate her abnormal anatomy at least). Despite this, Kotora works various tough and physical odd jobs: mechanic work, construction, cargo handling, and several others. She would like to work in something less demanding, but most positions require hefty education or manual dexterity that her paws couldn't hope to achieve.

In the time that Kotora has been in L'isola, she has become fast friends with a handful of other "outsiders" as well as native residents.

Mobile Weapon: Furfur

Affiliation: Directory

Combat Style: Rushdown
Strengths: Haki, inhuman strength, flexibility
Weaknesses: Impulsive


Model Number: OX-S-F

Code Name: Furfur

Manufacturer: Directory

Operator: Kotora Amatsuotome

Power Source: Haki

Armor Material: Shurashin Metal

Height: 28m

Weight: 52.5 metric tons

Propulsion: Haki Energy Propulsion

Armament: N/A

Equipment: Shurashin Haki Reactor Heart, Haki Projector, Spirit Trace Control System

Finishing Move: Kin: Taiyou no Kougeki (金: 太陽の攻撃)

Description: Screenshot_38.png

History: A guard patrol from Tellus City in North America discovered the Shurashin on their way back to base; it seemed as if the machine had appeared from nowhere right after they had left.

A research team operating out of the city guard base was formed to investigate this strange machine. After hitting too many roadblocks, the team covertly reached out to the local outsider community for any information; since the machine seemingly entered the world as outsiders so, the team figured it was worth a try.

Through their outreach, the researchers learned that this machine was called a Shurashin, a powerful mobile weapon wielded by nomadic tribes of warriors called Shura. These Shura possess a strange energy called Haki which the Shurashin runs on; Haki, in fact, is in all living creatures, however none but the Shura have an abundance of it and can wield it effectively.

When the team was starting to test the capabilities of this new energy, a dimensional quake caused by the DEI testing dimensional weaponry outside of the city caused a DAMON attack. While fighting broke out, the Shurashin had begun to move on its own and had entered the rest of the city.

The researchers later learned that the Shurashin had gone to search for a suitable pilot, that being one Kotora Amatsuotome. After the Damon's were dealt with, the Shurashin was recovered and Kotora was brought in for questioning.
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