The Purple Heart


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Jul 29, 2019
Name: Ava Alysha

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135ibs
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Hazelnut Brown
Ethnicity: Southern American


Other Information:

While in mere appearance she looks like any other human, she seems to have an abnormally high amount of Haki energy coursing through her, this keeps her in the eyes of some less than honorable factions. She has an undying passion for almost anything mecha, mobile suits, the smallest grunt suits to the largest army wiping machines of destruction! But she loves nothing more than her precious Rekin!


Ava has always defined herself on the accomplishments of a man she feverously looks up to, yet can barely remember. Her father was maverick of sorts, a slick, cool and reckless mobile suit pilot; A young Ava would often spend whole dinners bugging her mother about any sort of updates her dad had sent them when he was away on his long deployments, war stories and tales of battle were her lullabies. But her father was just another boot on the ground, and while the details were left confidential, there was just one thing she was told, her father had perished, and he had left his Leather Bomber Jacket with the note "Give 'em love!" Embroidered on its interior as his only parting gift. Thus her journey to become an ace pilot just like her father had begun! And just as quickly as she got the motivation, her mother smacked it all away; She had just lost the man she loved, and she wasn't going to encourage her only daughter to follow the same fate.
The years past, dreams sat on the back burner, but Ava still wore that tattered old jacket everyday, she subscribed to every Mech themed magazine she could find, and would constantly run off to local dive bar in her small southern town, in search of fantastic tales from whatever veteran had stumbled in there. These were just stories however, and it seemed like she would never have one of her own. But the unexpected happened, just a few days after a plethora of strange other worldly machines, humans and other assortments of absurdities found their way to earth, Ava made her own discovery. A massive, rusted machine buried deep in the local woods; dirt and grime covered its slumbering body as it hunched against a mass of broken trees. A variety of wild life had decided to call whatever nook or crack of the monstrous machine its home. While Ava, Ava got to work. She spent months cleaning it, fixing whatever part she could even fathom to understand, she gave it a sloppy purple paint job, with the buckets she was going to use to paint her room, she even gave it a name. Rekin.
For awhile she was the happiest she had ever been, her peaceful life and her biggest secret project hidden in the woods. Everything was good, that was until it happened, horrific monsters, beings of another universe clashing and smashing their way across her world without warning. But she was in a minuscule town in the middle of nowhere, with the population barely reaching 1000, the Sundering war as they called it could never find its way home, could it?
A leviathan of some kind, with massive bull like horns, eyes as red as scarlet, and the screech of a hurricane manifested in the heart of her sweet little home, destroying everything it saw. People ran; While Ava charged towards the only thing she could think of, Rekin. She begged and begged the lifeless machine to spring up, smacking against its exterior, hoping to kick on some kind of generator. With tears in her eyes she let out a loud, demanding, yet entirely sympathetic plea "Wake up Rekin!" And with that the machines cock pit slowly opened. Ava stumbled inside and found herself lost in a heavenly white glow. A voice she couldn't understand, yet made as much sense as any conversation called out to her; she had formed a link of some kind, and with the power of her and her friend, she fought back against the beast. It was hard fought, exhausting, yet by some miracle they came out victorious. Ava was sweaty, drained, she ended up passing out in the cockpit of her new found partner. Only to wake up in a directory facility, greeted by the wide eyed, confused stares of a scientific mob. After being drilled on questions for hours, after days of test and experiments, Ava finally spoke up and asked to be reunited with her friend. Hesitantly the staff complied.

Now, under the command of the Directory, she and her now cleanly painted friend from another universe stand guard, the governments naïve lap dogs, ready to take on any challenge!

Mobile Weapon: Rekin.

Model Number: MAK - 0
Code Name: Rekin
Manufacturer: Unknown. Currently maintained by the Directory..
Operator: Ava Alysha
Power Source: Haki
Armor Material: Shurashin Metal.
Height: 32m
Weight: 72 Metric Tons
Haki Syphon Generator and Transfer Mechanism.

Shurashins often combat with solely hand to hand combat, yet it appears that the MAK - 0 is an older model, it comes equipped with a powerful.
Haki Condenser: The Haki Condenser is located on the palms of this machines hand, two large green gems the can fire concentrated Haki energy, though it proves to be extremely draining and straining to the pilot

Equipment: Haki Generator, Shurashin Motor.
Finishing Moves: PURPLE HURRICANE!




After being brought to The Directories attention and intensive studying, a theory about the machines mysterious origin was formed. The Shurashin is known to be the signature weapon of the Shuras' a mysterious warrior race; yet its doesn't appear to resemble most other confirmed Shurashins; Its bulky, a bit slow, and most perplexingly of all, its paired with a human. The only thing that confirms its identity is its tendency to almost kill any who try to board it by draining the life from their body, anybody but Ava.
It appears to hold an intelligence of some kind, as interviews with its partner state, "Oh yeah! When we were fighting that weird bull thing he was giving me all sorts of tips and tricks!...Kind of, he wasn't using words. Or at least, I don't think he was, it was like a nudge? I guess? Something like that. I just, I just know what we need to do." When later asked if the machine held any sort of personality trait the pilot answered, "He's very grumpy, like any old fart you'd find, but he's still a good friend I swear!" Scientist are still perplexed by the machines existence, let alone its initial purpose, and the ramblings of a teenager aren't helping with any investigation.

Affiliation: The Directory

Combat Style: Wrestler
Strengths: Their strong connection with their mech, Abnormal Haki concentration, A strong will.
Weaknesses: Their naïve personality leaves them open to the influence of others.