The Starseeker Combine


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Jun 14, 2018

Starseeker Combine
Government: Guild Socialist
Territories: L2, L4, and L5 Colony Clusters.
Capital: Icaria, the People's Metropolis, L4 Cluster.
Population: 4 billion
Goals: Equality for all, Dismantling of the Directory and Lunar governments, Establishment of a galactic empire
with itself at the center.
Motto: "In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas" ("In necessary things unity, in doubtful
things liberty, in all things charity.")

With the first Space Colonies being manufactured just prior to the beginning of the Over Era, mankind's exodus to
the stars has been fraught with challenge and difficulty. Initially marketed as a way to start over in one's life,
the Space Colonies were an attractive alternative to many on the overpopulated Earth, who sought their fortunes on
the Asteroid mining fields and Lunar settlements.

These first settlers were mostly employees of Earth-based businesses, and their families would form the basis of
the next generation of Colonial settlers. The Colonies did not enjoy any true sovereignty - even with the formation
of the Directory, they were not numerous enough to be given any representation, and remained the property of Earth.

As time went on, the Colonies were expanded, and more and more populations from Earth itself were exported from
their home countries to the new lodgings. Eventually, the population growth exceeded the pace of Colonies being
created, and severe overpopulation began to affect the Colonies, causing them to be referred to by some Earthside
publications as "Space Kowloon" for the conditions in which their residents lived.

As the Colonies began to swell in population with the creation of the latest L5 cluster Colonies, the question of
Colonial independence was raised. The Colonies were de-facto governed by the same series of large, Earth-based
corporations that had overseen the construction of the first clusters, providing certain resources to Earth. These
corporate entities maintained an iron grip on Directory politicians, and despite various placating measures being
passed, true Colonial independence never came to pass.

Still, while crowded, life in the Colonies seemed bearable - work was plentiful and meaningful, and the threat of
extraterrestrial invasion was still at the forefront of people's minds. The relationship with the Earth bound
government began to fray, as demands for autonomy continued to increase in volume as the years passed, and the
promised alien threat failed to materialize.

This strained relationship finally collapsed when what would be called the Vanishing Trooper Incident occurred.
A Directory-manufactured Personal Trooper, the Huckebein, was undergoing testing on a Colony in the L5 branch when
its EOT derived Black Hole Engine went out of control, and swallowed the entire Colony in seconds. Thousands of
innocents were killed in the event, and when the Directory refused to provide further details as to the
circumstances surrounding it, the public outcry finally reached a fever pitch.

A violent uprising occurred against Directory Control, and an army was mustered by Colonial separatists and their
sympathizers. The Colony rebels marched on L1, bringing with them a fleet of Armored Modules, intending to occupy
and demand fair representation, freedom, and fair treatment from the Directory government. To overcome the
Directory space forces, they attempted to enlist the aid of their allies on the Moon... However, the expected
support from Luna never materialized, and the Colonial forces were ultimately routed by the Directory space fleet,
with no survivors.

A brutal crackdown ensued, causing Colonial independence movements to tunnel even deeper into the darker corners of
society. Years of mass arrests and terror attacks ensued between the Directory and the Colonial rebels, neither
side able or willing to compromise.

When the Sundering War erupted, the Directory suddenly withdrew its occupying forces from the Colonies to L1
Cluster, trying to concentrate its forces where the attacks were fiercest. However, the onslaught soon spread to
the now near-defenseless Colonies, leading to the complete destruction of the L5 Cluster.

All seemed lost, as the monstrosities bore down on the L4 Cluster, punching their way through reality itself - But
then, all of a sudden, the creatures were incinerated by a massive wave of energy, as unknown machines joined the
fray, placing themselves between the Colonies and the foes, driving them back into the void.

The fate of the Colonies was changed forever by the sudden arrival of alien powers, whose intervention had saved
the L4 cluster from certain obliteration.

These aliens introduced themselves as remnants of a starfaring civilization that had crossed the cosmos, known as
the Great Circle, which was devastated to near annihilation by the ES Wave. They had been observing and
investigating Earth prior to determine if it should be invited to join, and were overjoyed to discover they had
survived the destruction.

Sensing opportunity, the Committee of Guildmaster was formed as a replacement for the crumbling Directory
government, and an alliance was struck up with the Great Circle remnants - the beginnings of the Starseeker Combine.

An agreement was made, where the Aliens would aid the Committee and the Colonies in restoring order and peace to
the Earth Sphere... and with it, the dream of Colonial independence would finally become a reality.
Now, the Combine army once again marches on the Directory - only this time, with the backing of their newfound
allies, determined to break the shackles of Earthnoid oppression...

Once... and for all.

Additional Notes:
The Combine is controlled by a Committee of Guildmasters, who represent workers of different industries, and which
is overseen by the office of High Exchequer, which exercises absolute fiscal control - and thus, has de-facto
authority. The High Exchequer is nominated to the position by a vote among the Guildmasters themselves, therefore
in the Colonies, participation in the labor force is essential for political representation.

Mass Production Machines:

Cosmolion: A space-faring refit of the venerable Lion, the Cosmolion is agile, affordable, and easy to maintain and
handle, making it the current staple of Colonial militias.

Leonisis: A well-rounded machine manufactured in secret with a blend of alien and Earth technology by Great Circle
scouts. Several variations exist, and it's easily on par with the Directory's own mass-production machines.